Clutch Chairz Shift Series Mid-Sized Gaming Chair Review – The Best Gaming Chair Ever?

Clutch Chairz is rapidly gaining notoriety for their gaming chairs, and have recently teamed up with WWE to create some cool superstar specific gaming chairs that you can check out here. I was very interested in their Shift series after reading the product page, and after hours of using the chair on a daily basis I can confirm it was the right choice.

You might be thinking “why was it the right choice?” Well that’s because this gaming chair does everything it needs to do and then some. It’s extremely comfortable, it’s the perfect size and it was simple to set up. Setting up the chair was simple, and the instructions were very clear to follow and easy to understand. There were no issues at all with the setup of the chair, and just 20 minutes later I was using the chair while playing the PS4.

Clutch Chairz has called their chairs “The World’s Best Gaming Chairs” which is a big statement to make and a tough one to back up when there are other great gaming chair companies out there. I can confirm however that this statement was backed up, and I agree that it is the world’s best gaming chair. I’ve tested a few gaming chairs which have been really, really good but they don’t come close to the design and comfort that Clutch Chairz offers.

The Final Verdict

Clutch Chairz Shift Series gaming chair is the best gaming chair I have ever used, and it’s a must have chair for all gamers out there. I would have gaming sessions that would last hours, and at no point did I ever feel uncomfortable in this chair. If you are currently looking for a gaming chair then Clutch Chairz is the place to check out as I think they are offering the best gaming chair right now.


Clutch Chairz Shift Series Mid-Sized Gaming Chair



  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable for hours of gaming
  • Doesn't take up much room


  • Couldn't find one negative about this amazing chair

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