Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions

E3 is just around the corner and we’re all letting our imagination run wild on what news they could bring that we aren’t yet aware off. So allow me to venture some guesses and let me know in the comments what you think.

Prediction N°1: A Bigger Focus on Mobile Games


nintendo mobile 2

While Nintendo tried to hold off at first they eventually caved and decided to develop games for the mobile market as they also wanted to cash in on all that sweet microtransaction dough. And if you check the top apps in the stores, you’ll see that they didn’t miss their target audience as games like Pokémon Go, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Run and even Pokémon: Magikarp jump have all had their share of the succes. It got me wondering which other Nintendo games could become a success on Mobile Phones across the world. Here are some that came to mind:

Advance Wars – Possible name: Mobile Wars

What is it?

A Turn Based Strategy game where  you and your opponents take turns moving your troops and having them fight each other. On most maps you have to capture buildings to generate money and allowing you to create more and better units than your opponents. You often have to play mind games, predicting your opponent’s moves and preventing them from getting an edge. You also get to choose from different Commanding Officers (CO’s), each with their own unique traits and special powers.

Why would it be interesting?

I’ve always been a big fan of the Advance Wars games. In my opinion, mobile games need to be playable in short bursts and it should be possible to save just about any time you want. Turn Based Strategy games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars apply these rules easily. I also liked the idea of playing Advance Wars vs other human players but since there was no online multiplayer this proved to be a difficult task. I could easily see there being a mode where you can just play your turn for the day and then pass it to a friend or other online person. They could also easily monetize this by offering a few CO’s  and maps for free, but charging for new ones.

Advance Wars

Pokémon Snap

What is it?

A Pokémon game where instead of capturing pokémon, you snap pictures of them. The Nintendo 64 game was on rails so you couldn’t walk around. You could only look around and take photos. YET.IT.WAS.AWESOME!

Why would it be interesting?

We’ve seen with Pokémon GO that Augmented Reality could add an extra level to the experience (and a drain on your battery!) I could see them take this to the next leve as they could easily base this on the existing assets for Pokémon GO and even use the same locations. You’d then be able to go to a monument and snap a neat picture and have it get rated by the community. How about an Onix crawling around the Eiffel Tower? I can picture it now.

Pokémon Snap

Behold! an image! it must be real!

Pokémon Trading Card Game

What is it?

It’s the videogame version of the paper trading card game. It was first released on the Game Boy Color where it even had a story mode. They’ve since also released the Online game to be played in your browser and there is even an iPad version of it.

Why would it be interesting?

We’ve seen how popular Card Games can be on mobile devices; I’ve personally played Hearthstone, Solforge and Magic Duels on any device that could run it. But we’ve yet to see a Pokémon TCG game that can be played on a Phone. Since it’s booster based they can easily charge money for packs and with pokémon at an all time height, popularity wise, I have no doubt this would take off.

Pokemon TCG

Nintendo Symphony

What is it?

It’s not an existing title and purely based on speculation, but I would love to see a Final Fantasy Theathrythm-like game with all Nintendo’s famous franchises. You’d have to tap to the rhythm of the music and you’d get points based on your timing. They could even add similar RPG elements like Theathrythm did, where you can build a party of Nintendo Characters like Link, Samus, Luigi and Kirby and level their abilities with gathered experience.

Why would it be interesting?

Nintendo has an amazing repertoire of music they could use for this. What did you think of Zelda’s Lullaby or Super Mario 64‘s Title music as some prime examples? They could release the game with some free characters and about 10 free tracks and charge for the rest or let players unlock them over time. I can’t wait to put on my headphones and play this on the train to work. I hope they ever realise the potential this has and release something like this. I made a (quick) mock-up to show what it could look like

Nintendo Symphony

My photoshop skills are lacking but I hope you get the gist…


Prediction N°2: Some new colors & special editions for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo isn’t scared of selling of their hardware in new colorful bundles and special editions (usually along games)

so here are a few guesses at what we could see:


A Gamecube colored Switch


A SNES styled one

Mario style

A Super Mario Odyssey one + combined with the game


Prediction N°3: Lots of new playable games

Nintendo aren’t ones to keep their fans itching to play the games, so I venture a guess that they will have a lot of booths where you can try out (mostly Switch) games

Here are the ones I think will be playable on the Switch:

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Mario + Rabbids : Kingdom Battle
  • Splatoon 2
  • Arms
  • Pokken tournament DX
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Super Mario Odyssey

if this isn’t shown I’ll eat all the hair on my head (luckily I’m bald)


Prediction N°4: New Game Announcements

There are without a doubt also some games we haven’t heard about yet, so it’s interesting to imagine what kind of games they could show. While it’s nigh impossible to guess about brand new ones we can at least guess about possible sequels. In fact I already did an article on possible Nintendo cult sequels earlier (most are just wishful thinking though). Click here for the link.

Other Possible new games could be:

  • A new Metroid game (Switch) -> personally I’d like to see them do an HD 2D Metroid as I really enjoyed Metroid Fusion on the GBA
  • F-Zero (Switch/3DS) -> Mario Kart 8 has shown us that racing games are perfect to play on the go and we could do with a new, better looking F-Zero
  • Pokémon Eclipse (3DS) -> a 3rd version that combines Sun & Moon like they did for Yellow and Crystal (EDIT: debunked, they will have Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)
  • A mainline Pokémon (Switch) -> they didn’t show it yet in the pokémon direct but they could have kept it for the main show. Even if it’s just a title screen, show us something, Nintendo!

a hi-res, remastered mock-up of Super Metroid by Elemental79 (click for link)

Prediction N°5: Ports to the Switch and 3DS eShop games

Nintendo isn’t one to jump on the Backwards Compatibility train and they instead prefer to sell their games again and again as the data has shown we are willing to buy their games over and over. So I think they will show some ports as well:

  • Super Mario Maker (Switch)
  • Super Smash Bros (Switch)
  • Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal (3DS) (EDIT: Already confirmed in the Pokémon Direct, though no news of Crystal yet)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (Switch)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (3DS)
  • Bayonetta 1 & 2 (Switch)
  • Tokyo Mirage Session #FE (Switch)

Mockup made by Killermy3 (click for link)

It’s an exciting time for gamers with E3 just a few days away. I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong on many of my predictions but at least I had fun speculating about it. Let us know in the comments what you expect to hear about from Nintendo at E3.

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