EA E3 2017 Press Conference Review

E3 2017 has officially kicked off and we just wrapped up watching the EA Press Conference. EA historically has had up and down press conferences but how did they fare in 2017? Let’s go over that.

EA kicked their conference off with a trailer for Madden NFL 18: Long Shot which is the new story mode they are bringing to the game. Now if you played FIFA’s The Journey then you know what to expect from Long Shot in Madden. It will be a cinematic story where you play as Devin Wade who is pursuing his dream to hear his name called on the day of the NFL Draft. I personally don’t play the Madden games but I know a lot of people will be excited about this new mode.

After that they moved on to Battlefield 1 where they talked about how they had 20 million players which is all good and all and then rolled a video showing player highlights from their community. Again It’s nice they spotlight their fans but I don’t really think E3 is the place that you need to do that. They then announced the second DLC expansion for Battlefield 1 known as In The Name of the Tsar. It will bring 6 new maps to the game and will take place in the east. It also brings the Russian Army, new weapons and vehicles and features the Russian Women’s Battalion of Death. The DLC will launch this September which seems like a long wait to me. The game came out in October 2016 and the second of four DLC packs isn’t launching until almost a year after the game has been out? Maybe it isn’t a big deal but to me it seems like a long wait. They also announced Night Maps are coming to the game this Summer to help make that wait easier. This whole segment was alright but this is also the kind of thing we see announced in a blog post throughout the year.

After that the conference started to get worse as FIFA took the stage presented by two guys who are called the Men in Blazers. I’m not into FIFA at all so I’ve never heard of them but apparently they are the hosts of one of the top three football shows in the world so. They talked a bit about FIFA 18 and revealed that the story mode is back and you will be playing as Alex Hunter again in FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns. Really this whole segment was boring and too long listening to these two guys talking. It got worse though as then they moved on to Need for Speed Payback and had some Youtuber talking about it. He really seemed kind of out of it and uncomfortable. The short gameplay they showed looked OK though with you trying to perform a heist on a Semi Truck speeding down the road. Still it didn’t really impress me.

Then perhaps the highlight of the show appeared with EA announcing that they are working with a new studio known as Hazelight who is run by the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Now I loved that game when I played it years ago so that immediately had my attention but the trailer for the game really floored me. The game is a co-op only game where you play as two men who are trying to break out of prison. You can play it co-op locally or online which is awesome and it really looked pretty unique and different from most other games out there. It’s coming early 2018 so props to EA for backing this one.

Then Patrick Soderlund from EA talked about a new division at EA called Seed (Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division) that will try to bring new innovative games to the players. He then talked about Project Scorpio and revealed the new IP from Bioware which is officially called Anthem. It seems to be a space game and has been rumored to be EA’s version of Destiny. The trailer didn’t show much but EA said that we will see gameplay tomorrow at the Xbox event. Now Bioware hasn’t been putting out the best games these last few years but I will remain optimistic that Anthem turns out well.

NBA Live 2018 was then on stage and they talked about how they have spent the past couple years overhauling the gameplay which is probably a good thing as NBA 2K has been far superior. They showed some of the game off and announced that like FIFA and Madden this game will also have a single player mode called The One. Further there will be a demo in August that will let you carry your progress over to the full game. After that EA talked about how they are supporting charities which is always a good thing and then announced that Origin and EA Access will be free this week. PS4 players will also have access to some free trials for games like Madden, FIFA, Titanfall 2 and more.

Finally EA wrapped the show up with Star Wars Battlefront 2 by showing how they have listened to all the feedback on the original game and are working to address it with the sequel. They showed a trailer showing off the multiplayer and single player campaign all of which looked amazing. It is covering all eras of the game including the upcoming The Last Jedi movie. Further all future DLC will be free to everyone including Maps, modes, characters, weapons etc so that they don’t split their community up. This is a great move in my book and something we see more and more studios doing. Finn and Captain Phasma will be part of the first free content pack for the game.

And that was it which was a little disappointing. Outside of the sports games the only other thing we really heard about was A Way Out and Anthem. Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks great but I was hoping to at least see a tease of Visceral Games Star Wars title that is coming next year. Maybe EA just didn’t want to push two Star Wars games in the same conference but I think they should have showed something. For the most part the event was pretty boring and full of stuff that really wasn’t worth of having an E3 event for. Overall if I had to give a letter grade to EA I would give them a C and that is just because A Way Out and Anthem were nice surprises. Hopefully the other E3 conferences are far better.

What did you think of the EA 2017 E3 Press Conference? Let us know in the comments.

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