Microsoft E3 2017 Predictions

Well, it’s getting close to that time of the year when the big gaming companies get together and show the fans and gamers what they have planned for the year. That’s right, it’s E3 time. During E3, we get to see what games and or consoles are being worked on and that will come out in the coming months. The Microsoft conference this year is happening on Sunday, June 11th at 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EDT/ 10 PM BST. So what will happen during Microsoft’s conference? Well, let’s take a look at what most likely and might happen during this conference. Also, Microsoft is one of the firsts to be having their conference this year so, with that in mind, it might be easy to speculate that they have some big times up their sleeves and want to be the first to announce it before the rest.

Project Scorpio Information

Of course, Project Scorpio is going to be one of the big topics mentioned during the conference. Last year, Microsoft had announced Project Scorpio and this year, it looks like they might be showing us what Scorpio looks like as well as what the name for it will be. Also, the price and release date are most likely going to be announced. It wouldn’t surprise me if the price starts around $499. As for the release date, it might be released on October 13th. There has been some speculation going around that Microsoft is secretly announcing the date in the new teaser trailers and people are thinking what the X10S101-317 means an October release date for Scorpio.

Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 & Crackdown 3 Release Dates

Then there are the games that we already know since last year’s E3. We’ll probably be seeing the release date announced for Sea of Thieves. This appears to be one of the most talked-about games of the year. The game about pirates from Rare does show some promise from the Rare company that had made other popular games such as Viva Piñata and the Banjo-Kazooie games Hopefully Microsoft will announce the release date for a Sea of Thieves. There is also State of Decay 2, a zombie survival game. It’s another anticipated game that we will probably get the release date for during the E3 conference. Another anticipated game is Crackdown 3 which was announced at 2014’s E3. 2017 might be the year that we finally have a release date for this game.

Forza 7 & other big name games announced

With Scorpio being released this year and having the 4k resolution, we can certainly expect Forza Motorsports 7 being announced as one of the new games to come out alongside Scorpio. I’m pretty sure that Microsoft will have one or two other games that will come out alongside Scorpio. Then there will probably be some other indie games that would be announced for Xbox during this time as well. Rumors are going around how Microsoft has some marketing rights for some of the upcoming big name games so if that’s true, we will probably see the new Assassin’s Creed game before Ubisoft has the chance to show it off at their conference. Don’t worry PS4 fans, the new AC game will come to you as well. We would probably see some of the other big name games being shown at Microsoft’s conference before the rest of the conferences. This is the reason why I think Microsoft had changed their conference time from previous years so they can be among the first to have their conference this year. Microsoft wants to announce the big name stuff before everyone else. So don’t be surprised if they do.

Community Aspects—Mixer in particular

Microsoft always seems to be the community or social with the Xbox. Since last year, they have added groups and parties so it would be easier to find others to join in our parties while playing multiplayer games. Microsoft had just purchased Beam in the last month or so and they changed the name of it to Mixer. I think that they would try to promote the community thing some more especially Mixer since its still new to Xbox.

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