NBA 2K18 Vs. NBA Live 18 – What We Know So Far

At today’s EA conference, we heard about the NBA Live18. We already know about the next NBA 2k game. With this NBA game coming out, it might be worth looking into what we know about each game so far.

Release Dates

NBA 2k18 has a release date of September 19th 2017. NBA Live 18 has of yet an official release date but is expected to be released later this year. With both games having a fall release date, it can be difficult to see NBA Live 18 selling more than the NBA 2k18 game as fans are more likely to stick with and buy the yearly NBA 2k game.

What Platforms Each Game Would Be On

Like always NBA 2K18 will be on the major platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC. It also looks like it will also be on PS3, Xbox 360, and on the Nintendo Switch as well. Now with the NBA Live 18, it looks like it is only on PS4 and Xbox One for now. Well having NBA Live 18 just for Xbox One and PS4 and with an autumn release date that would go head to head with NBA 2k18, I doubt that NBA  Live 18 will do so well unless if they have some extremely amazing DLCs or add-ons for the game that is not offered on the NBA 2K18 which I doubt there will be any better or different DLCS that would make the game outsell the NBA 2k18.

Shaq on Legends Edition

We know that for the NBA 2k18 Legends Edition, they had chosen Shaq to be on the cover as well as add some Shaq items with the game. Also included the NBA 2k18 Legends game is 100,000 in game currency and 20 myTeam weeks. There is also a Legends Gold Edition which will include what we will get in the Legends edition as well as 250,000 in game currency, 40 packs and more. The Legends and Legends Gold editions will be available for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Legends edition will cost $100 and the Legends Gold edition will be $150 and the physical edition of the Legends Gold will only be available at Gamestop.

NBA Live 18 Demo

We do know that NBA Live 18 is going to have a free demo coming to PS4 and Xbox One in August and our stats will carry over into the game when we buy it.


Overall, NBA 2k18 will do well like in previous year. I do think think that NBA Live 18 will do as well but not NBA 2k18 well since both games are going head to head this fall. However I think that what might save NBA Live 18 is if it comes out on Project Scorpio as well. With the better graphics on the Scorpio, NBA Live 18 might just get those numbers sold.

If you guys haven’t checked out the NBA Live 18 from today’s EA conference you can check it out here:

By the looks of what we know about each game so far, which one would you get or would you get both? Hopefully we will learn more about the both games, especially NBA Live 18, as the time gets closer to their releases.

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