Rumor: Xbox One X Exclusive Enhanced Patches Could Actually Be A Thing

Could Xbox One X have exclusive patches? After some speculation this rumor could be very true. During the Xbox E3 show, Xbox One X was announced to have patches that will enhance the game on Xbox One X.

Many games were revealed to be enhanced using Xbox One X, and interestingly there were two games on this list that were on PS4 as well but were never PS4 Pro patched. Those two games are DOOM and The Witcher 3, but it’s very possible that these can come to PS4 Pro too but what’s with the wait?

That wait could be because Xbox have secured exclusive rights to have the enhanced version of these games on Xbox One X. It’s also possible that Microsoft have funded the patches as The Witcher 3 developers were not interested in making a PS4 Pro patch.

Remember this is just a rumor and speculation, and all we know as of now is that DOOM and The Witcher 3 will be enhanced.

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