Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Review

Well Microsoft kicks it off from the big three (Microsoft, Playstation, and Nintendo) by having their conference first today, which is a big deal considering that they hardly go first. With that being said, they have A LOT to show us today, including the official unveiling of Project Scorpio, which of course is one of the biggest things that people are hyped to see this year at E3. Let’s begin.

Let’s just say the preshow  the TGG staff was getting pretty annoyed with the music while waiting for Microsoft Conference to start and we were having some issues with Mixer as well. Be sure to read to the bottom where I give overall thoughts on the Microsoft Conference.

Xbox One X Trailer

It all started began with this opening trailer for Xbox One X. As soon as it was finished, Phil Spencer came out and thanked everyone for attending and gave us the new name for Project Scorpio which is now Xbox One X, or what I will call it from now on Xbox. The One X is black and definitely smaller than the Xbox One S. Xbox One X is going with the black look as oppose to the One S with the white look. Then Phil had introduced someone from the Xbox team to talk about the specs of the console which we have already know since they had released it earlier this year. It was also mentioned that Xbox One X will have compatibility with Xbox One and Xbox 360 games (that are already BC) as well as the accessories. They even mentioned that even if we don’t have 4k TV, they have designed it to where the games with still even look better on our 1080p TVs as well. Other than already knowing the specs of the Xbox One X, this was an interesting bit to have finally see the finished product and the fact that its even smaller than Xbox One S and has all of that power is pretty amazing. At the end of the show, Phil announced  that Xbox One X is $499 and will be released November 7th 2017.

Original Xbox Games Backwards Compatibility & Free 4k Game Updates

Yes, you heard that right! Now we can play original Xbox games on Xbox One now! The first game is Crimson Sky. Also there is a list already of games that are getting free 4k game updates in anticipation for Xbox One X.

Forza Motorsports 7 Announcement

So the Forza people announced an exclusive 6 year deal that they have with Porche! Then they introduced the 2018 Porche 911 GT2R. Forza then shows us the Forza Motorsports 7 trailer and even talk about how with the previous Forza games, they will look even more amazing on the Xbox One X. This game looks like it will be even more amazing on the Xbox One X. Very excited to see how much better the other Forza games will look on the new Xbox One X. This is one of the games that I am looking forward to.

Metro Exodus Announcement

Next Phil comes back out and mentions that there will be 42 games shown during the conference and that 22 of them are exclusive to Xbox. After that bit, the trailer for Metro Exodus is shown.

Just by the trailer, the game has amazing graphics and the gameplay looks pretty interesting as well. This is probably going to be one of those games that I would have to look more into and see the game plays for it before I officially make a decision on whether or not I would get the game since I have no experience with the Metro series. They did give Metro Exodus a 2018 release date.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Announcement

Next we have the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins shown.

After the trailer finishes the creative director comes out and talks about the game and the main character. Origins has a release date for October 27th 2017. A gameplay video is shown. We see how the hawk is used in place of the eagle vision. Bows and arrows is part of the weaponry. Looks like we can ride horses like in the first Assassin’s Creed game. Overall the gameplay video just gives me that original Assassin’s Creed settings feeling but more updated and looked like they had used the Syndicate engine and even used the Unity menus as if for inspiration. This is one of the games that I am definitely looking forward to this year.

They go on to mention other games but I am going to mention the bigger games or those that people are more anxious for then mention the rest of the game trailers after that.

State of Decay 2 (2018 Release)

Looks like this highly anticipated game is coming out Spring of 2018. Though I am not a zombie video game person per se, The first impression that I do get from this game is that it reminds me of Playstation’s The Last of Us in a way. So this would probably be one of the games that I would get. Overall, I do find the trailer for this game to be really awesome.

Sea of Thieves

Now Sea of Thieves is another game that is highly anticipated especially after last year’s E3 announcement of it. Today they show us a gameplay video of it. Mind, its almost 10 minutes long. It does have a release date of Early 2018. Though a lot of people are anticipating this game, I am probably one of the few is not interested in the game. The game looks good but I don’t want to be a pirate.

Crackdown 3 (November 7 2017 Release)

Finally Crackdown 3 gets a release date! Surprised to see that Terry Crews is in the trailer for this game.The trailer for this game looks pretty good. Though it is another anticipated game, I would have to pass on this one myself.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm (August 2017)

I would say that this would have to be another highly anticipated game coming out this year. Only having experience with the first episode of Life Is Strange and seeing the trailer for this game, this would definitely be one of the games that I wouldn’t mind getting this year.


Big news with Minecraft. Looks like it is going to be the first ever cross play game, meaning that everyone on every platform can play with each other. Also it appears that Minecraft will get a 4k update as well. Though I might be one of the last few left who haven’t played Minecraft, this is big news having it being the first cross play game ever. It might be getting some DLC or addons as well.

Shadows of War (October 10th)

For Shadows of War they had some some of the gameplay for it and it did look pretty cool. I do have to say that I think that this game looks better than the first Shadows of Mordor game. I wouldn’t mind getting this one just based on this gameplay they shown at the conference.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

What was cool about this segment was that during the trailer, they actually had someone on the stage playing the piano along side the trailer which was amazing. From the trailer along, I would definitely get this game and even the first one since I never had play it before. Now I see why I keep on hearing such high remarks for the Ori game.

Other Games Announced

Here are some of the other games that were announced during the Xbox E3 Conference.

Anthem (2018)

If you already watched yesterday’s EA conference, you already know about the game Anthem. If you haven’t then you didn’t have to go through the repeat of it. However it does seem like they had spent more time talking at the Microsoft Conference and the fact that they had closed the Microsoft Conference with this game does say that they have confidence for this game.


I think this year Microsoft did a good job with their conference. Now its no wonder why they had wanted to go first this year especially with all of the games that they had shown today as well as showing off the new Xbox One X. There were a lot of games that look like they would be amazing and cool to play and hopefully we get to find out more about them in the up coming months. I’m glad that for some of the games we have been waiting for, we finally get release dates or a general idea of when they will be released. This year, it seems like they made it really better than the previous years that I had watched it. If I had to, I would give Microsoft a B this year.

Now can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

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  1. Id give it a C+ at best…too much focus on indies and no new IP that was exclusive. Good overall show as far as production but …other than Xbox One X …nothing really stands out…if the game that stands out the most at your conference is a multiplat you probably dont have a lot going on with exclusives. Original Xbox compat is meh…nostalgia is a heck of a thing until you are an hour into a horribly dated game that in your mind looked better than it ever actually did. Majority of Xbox original games look like a bag of smashed a$$holes by todays standards..It would be cool to fire up steel battalion on Xbox One lol too bad the big controller and pedals wouldnt be compatible.

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