PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Review

Last night Sony presented their E3 2017 Media Showcase and gave us new details on previously seen games as well as quite a few new ones. I personally felt like it wasn’t quite as good as the past two E3 events Sony has done but when you look at how those were no one else comes close to them either. While last night’s conference was a little disappointing in some areas there were a ton of bright spots too.

Sony opened the event by having music from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy played live much like last E3 when they did the same for God of War. Most fans loved it last year and asked and hoped that Sony would do something similar again so it was a nice touch. Then they rolled an awesome looking story trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy but those of us on watching on the stream had issues as it seemed like Sony’s audio was messed up causing us to not be able to listen and only see. This was a letdown but it’s not like we haven’t seen this kind of thing happen at E3 before. Then Guerilla Games revealed the new expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn called The Frozen Wilds which looked more impressive than the base game did. It will take place in a new area with new enemies and story and even better it will be out in 2017 which surprised me.

We then got a look at Days Gone from Sony Bend and what was shown looked good. We got to see a lot of emergent gameplay systems shown off as well as new types of enemies. The letdown was that we still didn’t get any kind of release window for the game. At this point I’m guessing late 2018 but we’ll see. Shawn Layden came out on stage after to give a brief introduction. Again press conferences are at their best when there isn’t a lot of talking and they keep the focus on the games so again I’m glad Sony is still going with this approach. Monster Hunter World from Capcom after that was a nice surprise even though it kind of leaked before the conference. The game has only been on Nintendo platforms in recent years so fans will finally get to play it elsewhere now. It was given an early 2018 release window.

What followed that might have been mine and many others highlight from the show with Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games revealing they are remaking Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4 and it’s coming in 2018. The trailer for the game showed that this is no simple remaster as it looked leaps and bounds better than the PS2 version and the PS3 remaster. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite then showed up and showed off a new trailer. We saw a few new characters and were given a free demo that we could download last night. Call of Duty WWII then showed off gameplay from it’s single player for the first time which looked really good. Again you expect to see the third party games Sony has marketing for here and I did like how not a lot of time was spent on them.

We then entered the PlayStation VR part of the event and let me go ahead and get this out of the way. Sony impressed me and many other VR owners by the amount of new games they showed off here. I’ve seen some complaining about how they spent too long on it and they are plain out wrong to think that. Sony has this new device and they need to support it so that it doesn’t end up like the Vita and that is what they did last night. The future is bright for PlayStation VR and I’m happy with how Sony handled it. Now as for what was shown it started off with a big surprise that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to PSVR in its entirety. While it isn’t a free update for the PS4 version and you do have to buy it again there is no doubt that this is a huge game for Sony to get on the platform. It will launch this Fall on PSVR.

We then got new trailers for a VR game called Star Child as well as two new VR games from the Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games. The Inpatient which is set 60 years before Until Dawn and a new FPS game called Bravo Team. Final Fantasy XV VR made a return and is now called Monster of the Deep and is based around the fishing mini game from the game. It will be out in September of this year. The final VR game we got a look at was a really cute game called Moss where you play as this little mouse on an adventure. Overall Sony provided looks at several big VR games in this segment and hats off to them for doing so. Only downside is again we didn’t get dates for any of them except Final Fantasy and Skyrim. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

Focus then shifted back to the PS4 as we got a new gameplay trailer for God of War. The game looked impressive even though it was only running on a base PS4 as we got a new look at the world, characters, combat and more of the game. The World Serpent at the end was especially jaw dropping. As I expected though the game is coming early 2018. This is fully understandable as every other God of War has come out in March. We then got a look at Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream and were shown the third and final playable character. The game looks like it is going to turn out well but again no release date or window was provided. I could see this coming out Summer or Fall 2018 but maybe it will be sooner. Destiny 2 then showed a new story trailer and a trailer for the PlayStation exclusive content.

Finally Shawn Layden returned to the stage to close out the show and end it on one more gameplay demo. Spider Man from Insomniac Games took the stage for a lengthy gameplay demo and man did it look good. We got to see that the game appears to have a similar combat system to the Batman Arkham games which is good and we got to see an impressive chase through the city as Spider Man attempted to bring down a helicopter. The game looks very good but we were given a 2018 release window.

To me Sony wasn’t as good as years past but it was still better than any other conference this year. While they didn’t show a lot of new games the new footage of the games they had was still far more impressive than what we saw anywhere else. Microsoft’s conference was fool of indie games and games that will be on PS4 as well such as Metro and Anthem. I do think that the conference could have been a little long and they could have included some of the pre show announcements like the Knack 2 date and Gran Turismo Sport trailers in the actual conference. I don’t mind that many of the first party games aren’t coming until 2018 because Sony already has quite a lot of games coming this Fall as well as all the third party games. I’m all for spreading your games out.

Another thing that I think is a little unfair for Sony and why I won’t count it against them in my grade is the sheer amount of rumors going around before E3 this year. We heard that From Software and Sucker Punch may show new games, that Shenmue HD Collection was on the way, that Spyro and Crash Team Racing may come back. None of this is Sony’s fault as they didn’t say any of this and instead it was just random people on the internet talking. Maybe people shouldn’t pay so much attention to rumors if they don’t want to be disappointed. Also if you expected The Last of Us Part II to show up you should have known better too as Sony said at PSX 2016 that the game was very early and most of the team has been working on Uncharted. Expect to see it again at PSX in December along with Death Stranding which we were also told beforehand that it wouldn’t be there.

Overall E3 this year was a little bit of a letdown but I’m giving Sony a B+ for supporting the PlayStation VR so well and for the impressive looking first party titles even if we have to wait a big longer for many of them.

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