Five fascinating facts about online casinos

Online casinos are the internet version of the land-based casinos. They are available anywhere and anytime to the players. The first online casino was launched in 1996. These casinos depend on the random number generator software to develop various casino games. These let the users play in the privacy and comfort of their homes. As a result, one has steady access to some entertainment at all times.

UK’s most user-friendly casino, Monster Casino presents you a list of five interesting facts about online casinos.

The highest amount won in an online casino exceeds $24 million

A Finnish player turned 25 cents into 24 million while playing a popular progressive slot game called Mega Fortune in 2013. This truly shows the wonders online casinos have in store for its customers. Slot games are responsible for more than half of the revenue of online casinos. There have been numerous other examples of people winning over 10 million in one go.

A large number of online gamblers suffer from pathological gambling problems

Pathological gambling or problem gambling refers to the addiction to gambling. With the advent of online casinos, the number of people suffering from the problem has shot up at an alarming rate. About 500,000 addicts were reported in the UK in 2006 after online gambling was freed up in 2005.

20% of the online gamblers contribute to 80% of the revenue

The online gambling industry keeps enough incentives for their customers to gamble frequently. It also builds a trustworthy relationship with them which makes them loyal to the industry. Studies show that 80% of the revenue solely depends on these loyal high-rollers who constitute only 20% of the total online gamblers.

Bonuses offered by online casinos are not as good as you think

Online casinos offer free money to newcomers for signing up on their websites. This is done merely to lure new players to gamble on their sites. The casinos offer a particular signing up bonus percentage on the amount you deposit initially. For instance, a 300% bonus on a deposit of £100 makes your total £400. The casinos then keep a very high wager required to cash out like up to 15 times the initial deposit plus bonus. This gives them an advantage over the player. However, there are ways to turn this advantage around.

The odds are same when playing online and offline

Online casinos are not completely trusted by the people. But they function in almost the same manner as offline casinos. Online casinos use the random number generator to give rise to results for the games. The software replicates the probabilities of the land-based casino games. The casinos have an edge over the player in both platforms.

Online gambling can be an exciting experience and can land huge profits. A complete understanding of the facts and figures of online casinos is required for the first-timers in order to know what you are getting into. For experienced gamblers, it is necessary to keep themselves updated about the latest happenings in this industry to keep reaping great benefits

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