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Slot gaming has come a long way since the clunky old mechanical three reel machines that dominated cobweb covered casinos and sticky-floored arcades. Modern online slot games are engaging and exciting, with familiar themes, great graphics and high quality audio keeping players coming back for more.

The online gaming industry is positively booming, with 32% of all gambling revenue in the UK coming from gaming websites, online casinos, bingo and of course slot games. The only way is up as well, as technology continues to make the customer experience better with each game released. Jackpots are higher and the pay-outs come more often as well, as online gambling companies don’t need to worry about expensive overheads that make slot games at physical casinos poor value for money.

888casino, the leading online operator, has developed some of the best slots that provide hours of fun and excitement; the endless positives provided by these great slots just keep players coming back for more. These slots are some of the best and original slot games and they can only be found online. We’ll also look at some of the best strategies to beat the casino, make your games last longer and to ensure you have the best chance of taking home the jackpot. We’ve chosen games with great graphics, cool themes and of course the best jackpots and return-to-player percentages.


Who knew that a tongue-in-cheek comic book series would go on to become an incredibly successful series of movies that grossed millions of dollars and paved the way for toys, computer games, clothing and now slot games. The latest X-Men slot game is a 5 reel spinner featuring the most famous mutants from the movie series, including Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, Mystique and many others. The coolest part of this slot is the X feature, which gives 5 free spins every time you line up any of the wilds in an ‘X’ shape. The game also links in to the Marvel Slots Jackpot, which unlocks incredible prizes the more you wager.

Rise of the Pharaohs

Rise of Pharaohs takes you straight to Ancient Egypt, with theming and audio from the era along with the Egyptian Gods, the Eye of Horus and plenty of wilds and scatter symbols that connect together in the reels to unlock huge bonuses and free spins. The game looks great and has plenty of replay value, with a progressive jackpot that doesn’t get reset even if someone else manages to win big. Make sure you take advantage of the great 95% return to player percentage, which means you can play for longer with a higher percentage of hitting it big.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The perfect game for Jurassic Park fans, this dino-themed 5 reel game is great for action-seekers and is jammed with tons of bonus features and great graphics. Some of the most famous dinosaurs make up the scatter symbols, including ferocious Velociraptors and the terrifying T-Rex. The ‘Raptor Clash’ bonus game is undoubtedly the best feature of this slot, unlocking when 3 bonus symbols land anywhere on the reels. You take control of a vicious Velociraptor, battling against any opponent, with winning moves unlocking free spins and coin payouts. Keep an eye out for, well, dinosaur eyes, as these symbols pay out the biggest bonuses and unlock the progressive jackpot.

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