Phil Spencer Confirms There Will Only Be Select Original Xbox Games Coming To Backwards Compatibility Due To Rights Issues & Emulation Difficulty

Phil Spencer was interviewed by Giantbomb today, and during the interview he confirmed that there’s already a list of original Xbox titles that are being planned to become backwards compatible. He didn’t reveal any of the titles on the list other than Crimson Skies and¬†Fuzion Frenzy.

For those who are writing their wishlists, and anticipating a large amount of original Xbox titles coming to Xbox One through BC, don’t get too excited just yet. Phil confirmed there won’t be as many original Xbox games coming to BC as there is for Xbox 360 which is why he said it was more of a low key announcement rather than a major announcement like it was for Xbox 360 BC back at E3 2015.

A reason why there will only be a limited amount of original Xbox games coming to Xbox One was given by Phil, and he said it was because of rights issues along with emulation being more difficult compared to Xbox 360 emulation.

It looks like the only safe bet are games that were first party titles when they released on the original Xbox. With some of the third party publishers/developers of the original Xbox being out of business, it would be much tougher to get rights for these games to become BC due to all the legal stuff around it.

Hopefully we will hear more news soon, and find out which third parties will also be interested in allowing their original Xbox titles to become BC on Xbox One. Which OG Xbox games would you like to see become BC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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