DXRacer Iron Series Gaming Chair Product Review

DXRacer are one of the most well known gaming chair companies in the world, and are also one of the most respected companies for gaming chairs in the world. As you can imagine, I was very excited to try out their Iron series chair, and I was not disappointed at all. Like our previous gaming chair reviews, I will be reviewing the chair based on three factors, Set Up, Design, and Value. Lets start with the set up of the chair.

Set Up

There were no issues with the set up of the DXRacer Iron series chair, and it was actually one of the quickest chairs to set up that I’ve ever reviewed. It was simple to follow the instructions, and all the parts fit perfectly with no issues at all. I was done and set up in no more than 10 minutes which shows how simple and easy it is to set up.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the set up of the chair is an important category for me as I feel it’s important to let the reader know if they bought this chair, how long would it take to be playing games in this chair. Thankfully if you buy this chair, you will be playing all the games you want in this chair in no time.


DXRacer themselves call this chair a “premium product” and they are absolutely correct to name this a premium product based on the design of it. The chair is specifically made for long gaming sessions, and promises that it will stay in good shape after these sessions.

The Iron series chair is also practical for larger gamers out there with it being designed with that specifically in mind. The chair is spacious, and supports weights up to 130 kg (approx. 285 pounds). I have been asked previously about chairs for the larger gaming audience, and this might be the perfect chair for you, and as I mentioned earlier it’s designed with that kind of body frame in mind.


Premium products come with a premium price, and it’s no different for DXRacer’s Iron series chair which will cost you €389. The price might be costly, but is it worth it? I would say it is absolutely worth the asking price. DXRacer are not cutting corners with this great chair, and designed it almost perfectly.

Longevity also comes to play with the value of gaming chairs, and I can imagine that if you buy this chair that you will be owning this chair for a very long time. Due to the chair being designed to be, and I quote “extremely durable” you are getting good value from the durability guarantee alone.

The Final Verdict 

DXRacer lived up to their high reputation in my opinion, did they exceed what I thought of them? I’d say yes because I didn’t think the chair would be THAT good, but it lives up to the hype for sure. If you are looking for a new chair, and are in need of a gaming chair that allows for more room then this is perfect for you.


DXRacer Iron Series Gaming Chair


Set Up







  • Easy To Set Up
  • Sizable
  • Durable

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