PlayStation Plus August 2017 Predictions

PlayStation Plus over the past few months has been offering some pretty amazing and critically acclaimed games. In just the past several months we have gotten games such as Alienation, Tales From the Borderlands, Life is Strange, Killing Floor 2, Until Dawn and Game of Thrones all for free. In fact we really haven’t been seeing a lot of indie games on PlayStation Plus like we used to. Whether this is just a temporary thing or maybe Sony is moving away from giving those kinds of games who really knows. Now that we know the July lineup what might we see in August on PlayStation Plus? Let’s think on it and make a few predictions shall we.

1. Gravity Rush Remastered

gravity rush remastered

So far in 2017 we have seen Sony include a lot of their own first party AAA games on PlayStation Plus. Titles such as LittleBigPlanet 3, Tearaway Unfolded and Until Dawn to name a few. With that being said I think we could see that continue in August and one such game that could be included could be Gravity Rush Remastered. Originally released on the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush Remastered made it’s way to the PS4 in early 2016 and was followed up by Gravity Rush 2 earlier this year. We’ve seen this game available on PlayStation Plus in a few other regions of the world but I think introducing more players in the US and Europe to Kat’s world would be a good idea.

2. Mad Max


Mad Max is another game that seems like it would be a good fit for PlayStation Plus. Mad Max released almost two years ago and largely flew under the radar due to launching the same day as Metal Gear Solid V. While the game wasn’t without its issues it was a pretty good adaptation on the license and was kind of fun. I’m sure more people would gladly check it out if given the chance as part of their subscription.

3. Zombie Army Trilogy

zombie army trilogy

Here is another lesser known retail game brought to you by the same people behind the Sniper Elite franchise. Zombie Army Trilogy is a third person co-op shooter where you will fight to take down tons of zombies, skeletons, demons and more alongside your friends or solo. I personally still haven’t played this one but it has always piqued my interest. Hopefully you and I will both get to soon if it ends up on PlayStation Plus.

4. Rayman Legends


Finally how about we get a gorgeous 2D platformer next month on PlayStation Plus? Rayman Legends would be a great candidate for PlayStation Plus as again many passed on this gem of a game. The art style in this game is beautiful and it has some pretty awesome gameplay making it one of the best platformers of this generation. Rayman has been quiet even since this last entry and while we don’t know if another one is in the works it would be great for more people to get to play this one. Make it happen Sony and Ubisoft.

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  1. These are good predictions

  2. Gravity Rush would be awesome ?

  3. Would love to get Firewatch. Ive been wanting to play this game for a while, but too cheap to pay for it…Not sure if it’s been offered before though.

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