What is White Label Casino?

You always thought how to realize your ambitions in the gambling business, but you have always lacked the resources to open a real casino? In this case, the user should consider such option as opening the online gambling room. But it is worth noting that in order to open from scratch even online one, you will need a lot of money, connections and skills. For such cases, there are special types of online casino: social and white label casino. The social betting house is a gambling house, based on games and applications for social networks. But today we look at the white label casino. What is it? It is a branch of a real online gambling house, which can be developed and produced under your own name.

The essence of the white label casino

Their essence is that you have casino from a particular developer, but under your own name. You don’t need to develop it from scratch, because the famous developer will make it instead of you. For example, you can buy online poker software evenbetgaming, and it will operate under your brand.

Producer provides the marketer with all that is needed to run an online casino. Usually, the package includes:

  • the license to conduct gambling games on the Internet;
  • website hosting betting house;
  • platform — the basic software package;
  • games slots, betting or other activities;
  • the connection to payment systems;
  • the customer service;
  • marketing materials and consulting services.

In turn, marketer provides:

  • domain name;
  • own brand;
  • the design of the site;
  • promotions, bonus programs and tournaments.

And why is it beneficial?

The essence of the white label project is that you get and develop your own online gambling house on a separate domain with a unique design and logo. You choose the bonus policy, organize events, tournaments and loyalty programs. In this case, you only attract customers, while all the headaches associated with software development, financial calculations, as well as customer support usually takes the producer.

Who benefits and convenience of such a scheme?

This scheme is beneficial for each party involved. Producer (software developer) receives a monthly fee at a percentage of the profits from its establishments. White label betting house shifts the risks and back-office developer. Ultimately, funs of online gambling win: more services – more competition – more generous bonuses!

Is it worth to create your own one?

White label betting house is a good option if you want to organize your own gambling project, but you haven’t pair of free million that will be invested in development. Well, in that case, if you know well the market of online casinos, know how to handle the target traffic and to organize high-margin advertising campaigns in the network, white label betting house will become a real gem in the world of e-Commerce.


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