Venom Racing Wheel Twin Pack Review (Nintendo Switch)

In a tweet prior to posting this review, I said that reviewing these racing wheels was a “fun one” so as you can imagine (spoiler alert?) this review will be very positive for this product. I’ve never used any of these racing wheels before which includes when the Wii had it’s own for Mario Kart. I’ve always preferred using the controller rather than using motion controls, but after using these wheels, I think I’ve found my new preferred controller output.

Using the wheels for motion controls on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brought out an extra layer of fun to this incredibly joyful game that I thought it didn’t have. Using the two wheel controllers with a friend was a lot more exciting and challenging due to not being used to the motion controls of the game.

Now if you’re playing online, and you want to play serious then using the actual controls will be the best choice because the motion controls can be hard to master on a game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. When you’re with friends and family however then the wheels are a must have to make the game even more of a fun experience for all.


As for the wheel itself, it’s well designed and comfortable to use while playing a game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Putting the Joy-Cons inside the wheel and taking it out of the wheel is simple, and they fit perfectly so there’s worries to be had about Joy-Cons getting stuck inside the wheel. The wheel as described by Venom is made with “high quality durable materials to ensure longevity” so you’ve got that guarantee that these controllers should last for a very long time.

The price is also very reasonable for this fun packed accessory as it will only set you back around £13 currently which isn’t really that much at all. It’s a must buy accessory for those with a Switch and MK8 Deluxe, so if you have not bought it yet, buy it right now.

Venom Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel Twin Pack





  • Affordable
  • Fun
  • Well made

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