Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is Another Showcase For BC On Xbox One; Stable 60FPS & Fixes Constant Drops

Call Of Duty: Ghosts recently became backwards compatible on Xbox One, and while many questioned that decision, it looks like it’s another showcase game for the service. Thanks to a video from VG Tech¬†which compares the original Xbox 360 version, BC on Xbox One version, and the actual Xbox One version.

In the video, it shows that Call Of Duty: Ghosts ran at 60FPS on Xbox 360, but it was very unstable and suffered from drops as low as 42FPS throughout the video. While the BC on Xbox One version fixed all these issues, and it runs at a super smooth 60FPS with almost no drops.


Here’s a look at one of the biggest drops which can be seen in VG Tech’s video.


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  1. In the age of remasters, where a remastered game sells like crazy, and in the age of expensive game streaming services (which some people praise by the way), its great having this xbox backcompat for free (or for a cheap price if you didnt have the game beforehand and decide to buy it).

    • Except isn’t it already on XB1 in a different form?

      And it’s likely NOT free. Odds are people sold this game when the next Call of Duty came out, or when they upgraded to the XB1 since that console didn’t have BC. If other games can be used as examples, sales of the 360 version of this game will go up.

      A remaster is at least effort put in to make the game better on all fronts. What does this net you?

      • Yes there is an XBone version with higher resolution textures. Quite idiotic to put the Xb360 version onto BC.

  2. Yeah… definitely not a showcase title.

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