5 Important Reasons Why You Should Buy Xbox One X At Launch

At E3 this year, we found out much more about Xbox’s new console which will be releasing later this year, the Xbox One X. With it releasing towards the end of the year, usually when new consoles are, people aren’t sure why they should purchase this new console. So here are the five important reasons why you should buy the Xbox One X at launch.

1. Full 4k Support On Certain Games

When the Xbox One X releases on 7th November, it will fully support 4k. This means that games which will receive a free 4k patch by their developers will look incredibly nice on the Xbox One X. However, games must receive the patch to be able to be played in 4k. This will work just like Sony with their PS4 Pro. A list of games which will receive a patch the day the console releases has already been announced and it is already looking promising. These games include:

  • Gears Of War 4
  • Minecraft
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Halo 5
  • Resident Evil 7

and many more. The full list of games which will receive this day one patch can be found here, however the full list keeps growing everyday.

2. Better Graphics At 1080p

We are only just entering the generation of 4k, which means that not many people have a display which can support it. However, even if you still only have a 1080p display, you will notice much better graphics from games. This is because things like super sampling are enabled by default which will make games in general look better. Also, the Xbox One X will be better at making sure games have a consistent frame rate and resolution for games shouldn’t drop either.

3. Faster Load Times

For games that won’t run in 4k will still benefit from the Xbox One X because the console will have faster load times. This is because the internal HDD is already faster, but also all the extra RAM inside the console can be used to make sure that your games will load faster. So if a game doesn’t support 4k, it will have much better load times. If a game supports 4k, don’t worry, it will also receive faster load times, however it might not load as fast as a non-4k game.

4. The Most Powerful Console

When the Xbox One X releases, it will be the most powerful console on the market. It is a lot more powerful than the PS4 Pro, and it is almost as powerful as a $600-$700 gaming PC. The Xbox One X is the most powerful home console money will buy you so far and it will likely stay like that for a long time. Powerful consoles, like the Xbox One X, take a lot of perfecting and changing to make sure it is best that you can get.

5. Compatibility

When it releases, the Xbox One X will be compatible with everything that you owned with previous Xbox One consoles. This includes games, controllers, accessories such as headsets and plenty of other things. This means that you will not need to re-buy anything as everything you previously owned will work with the console. You will also be able to play with your friends who may still own the original Xbox One or the Xbox One S, so you won’t get left out of any gaming sessions.

Many people are skeptical about the new Xbox console and whether it will be good value for their money. Let us know in the comments down below what you think of the Xbox One X and whether or not you will be buying it.

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  1. It releases just before my Birthday, so I’m giving subtle hints to friends and family ? also getting a 4K tv to go along with it

  2. Good reasons sure but also the same reasons in every other article…

    • Well facts can’t be made up :p Though I would have loved to have read that the XBO X would make me cocktails as well, that’ll just be wishful thinking 😀

  3. All of that applies to the Pro as well, does it not?

    • No

      • How does it not?

      • Nothing?

  4. Isn’t number the number 4 reason the same as number 2 and 3? what would be the point if more power if not better graphics and faster load times?

    Also, “the most powerful home console money will buy you so far” is relative, TODAY, that console is ps4 pro, a year ago it was ps4, so not really a solid reason.

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