5 Reasons Why Call Of Duty: WWII Could Be A Realistic Game of the Year Contender

Call of Duty is back! I mean properly back! None of this jump on the walls, slide on the ground crap, but true blood and grit warfare. BOOTS ON THE GROUND BABY! Let’s be honest, as popular as the series is, the sci-fi aspect of the series went a bit too far. Maybe this started off as a challenge to Titanfall that went a bit too far and they couldn’t control themselves, so they pumped more and more sci-fi into the series?! In my opinion, the CoD scene hasn’t been the same since the Modern Warfare series. Ghosts was a poor effort and then the downward spiral began. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that the fans were fed up with this when Infinite Warfare released and the negative press it got on YouTube. They didn’t Listen to the fans. However, they may of just done us all a favour and put boots on the ground in a World at War scenario! Here are my reasons why the fans may give It the title of Game of the Year.

1. World War 2

For us FPS fans, we love nothing more than bullets whizzing past and explosions going off on screen. It gets us going without us being there, yet portrays a great scenario. This can’t be portrayed any better than World War 2. Based in the European scene of WW2 between 1944 and 1945, you follow the US & UK forces across France, Belgium and across the Rhine into Germany. Some of the fiercest fighting happened in the European theatre and I hope Sledgehammer Games can bring that to our screens.

2. Being a Realistic Soldier

Sledgehammer Games have announced that everyone will be playing in ‘Hardcore Mode’. What this means is that you as the player have no health regeneration, no unlimited sprint and lack of resources. In turn this also means that you must use your squad that is around you. If you injured, you turn to your medic (if he’s alive). If you are running out of ammunition, you need to seek a squad member for ammo (if he hasn’t already used it all on a tree). This is to give the player the sense of great realism of being a soldier in the theatre of war. You must think “damn, what do I do now?!” I think this Is a great addition to the game and could be one of the main reasons for the nomination.

3. Story

As mentioned on above, not only set in WW2, you have the opportunity of playing multiple characters. I am guessing that you will primarily play as both Private First Class Ronald “Red” Daniels and Private First Class Robert Zussman, both 1st Infantry Division, US Army. You will follow them on their journeys through Europe taking on the Third Reich’s finest. You will also get the opportunity to play as a French Resistance leader called Rousseau and a British Special Operations Executive Officer, Major Edgar Crowley. I see the latter characters being portrayed as behind enemy lines gameplay which takes me back to visions of the Medal of Honour: Underground scene! Exciting times!

4. Boots on the Ground

Do I need to say anymore? Really? All I can say is that, it is about time! I will be heading back to the series just for this very reason and I am pretty sure I’m not alone.

5. Zombies!!

That’s right! Another installation of zombies and this time it is back with a with bang. Sledgehammer Games Studio Head, Glen Schofield tweeted,

“Zombies is its own thing but with a similar sick, twisted vibe. The world is definitely in its own dark place. Very dark. Fun as hell tho.”

Zombies mode brings cooperative gameplay with an original storyline. This can be described below by the studio;

Due to the failure of the German forces holding their positions and having to fall back to the motherland. The Third Reich come up with a plan to push the Allies back. This hideous experiment is to bring the dead back to life and stop them from advancing any further.

EVERYONE loves Zombies mode! And this comes with new enemies with special armour and powers for you and friends to really test your skill against the undead horde that advance on your soft flesh and brains! This is a great addition to the game and propels its chances of being Game of the Year.

These are only my opinions on the chance of CoD:WW2 becoming crowned king of the games for 2017. With so many great games out this year and ones ready for a release, this is no easy feat and will take some doing! But what is your favourite reason for COD to be champions? Or let us know who is your Game of the Year in the comments below!

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  1. I believe Call of Duty WWII will be one of the Game Of The Year Contenders for this year i agree with all 5 reasons why you think so

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