Gamerbetz Presents eSports Tips from a Pro

Whether you are a seasoned gamer yourself or have become interested in the world of eSports through a love of betting, you will not have failed to notice that the development and growth of the whole eSports sector has catapulted a whole range of games into the mainstream public perception.

Some are cynical about the whole concept and argue that gaming can never be a sport, but when you look at it objectively, it ticks all the boxes. It requires skill and practice to excel, it is highly competitive, it takes time to master all the nuances, and once you are a fan, it can be as exiting to watch and bet on those at the top of their game as it can be to play it yourself.

It is, perhaps, this last factor that is the most compelling argument in favour of eSports being deserving of the name. And it is this that also brings one last element that is the key to any sport – the presence of real life heroes who prove themselves to be the best of the best and scoop the winnings and the glory.

Navigating the world of eSport

As a growing phenomenon, eSports is welcoming new fans every day, and Gamerbetz provides a whole host of resources for players, fans and those who wish to place a bet via its site Here you will find guidance notes on the various games that are played, the top teams and, of course, the latest odds on the forthcoming matches.

However, just as anyone betting on a horse race or a football match can only learn so much from the form guide, there is nothing like a little inside knowledge to truly guide you and improve your understanding of the game.


Tony Campbell, known in eSports circles as LxthuL, is the most famous name in eSports, and the twice winner of the Halo World Championship. Here, he provides some inside information on how to succeed in the exciting world of eSports, and what to look out for when picking a winner.

Practice makes perfect

We mentioned earlier that there are many parallels with traditional sports, and the need to go through hours of practice is certainly one of them. LxthuL puts in 30-40 hours every week, and also spends plenty of time keeping an eye on the competition.

Games are streamed on Twitch, and it is worth devoting as much time as possible to understanding both the nuances of the game and the strengths and weaknesses of the players.

Like anything, it can be hard to find enough hours of the day, so a regular routine and good time management skills are absolutely essential.

Get your aim straight

In golf, it is all about the swing. In cricket, the grip on bat or ball. But the point with all of these is that for the pros, there is a right and wrong way of doing it. Get it right, and it comes naturally, meaning the player can be focused on the what, rather than the how.

This is also the case in eSports. The first thing you will notice is that there is a lot going on, and plenty to focus on. The player needs to have his or her technique for aiming as a second nature.

LxthuL points out that when you look at the very best, it is less about the aim than the position and shooting the target from the right angle. Again, there are parallels with golf in that if the stance is wrong, the swing will never be perfect.

Looking to the future

It is important to remember that eSport is still very much in its infancy. LxthuL is in a unique position as a pioneer in this new arena, and has already seen huge developments since 2016. For both players and gambling enthusiasts, the future is an exciting one.

2017 is already looking huge, with more competitors, new geographical markets and a growing range of games. The likes of LxthuL, as one of the new sport’s first global stars, are also creating an exponential rise in new gamers who want to take their hobby to the next level and count themselves among this new breed of sports heroes.

From the man who has been there and done it, the advice is clear, and it is as old as the hills. You’ve got to be in it to win it. We will leave him to have the final word:

“Just go to a tournament. I know players that have been playing online forever. They don’t go to tournaments and they wonder why don’t get anywhere. If you play a little competitively and you can make it to a tournament, join in, because it might get you somewhere.”


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