Destiny 2 Beta Code Giveaway – PS4 & Xbox One

Still in need of a Destiny 2 beta code then we might be able to help. We still have a few codes to giveaway to our readers, and it’s simple to enter our giveaway for a chance to win one of these codes.

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section below about why you want to play the Destiny 2 beta, are you a returning player from Destiny 1, are you not a fan of Destiny 1 but want to give the sequel a chance or are you new to the Destiny series and want to give it a try.

Let us know in the comments section below and we will notify three winners!

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  1. Need to introduce my girlfriend into destiny world because she loves to play first person shooter games online!

  2. I’m a returning fan from destiny 1. And cant wait to play the sequel. Such a fun game.

  3. Hello,I want to win because I played Destiny 1 And enjoyed it very much and would like to Give Destiny 2 a Try

  4. Started Destiny on launch with friends. Still playing, but with newer friends from work. Looking to play the beta with them as soon as possible.

  5. My twitter is @ThydeCR

  6. I played destiny a couple months after launch. I played it like 4-5 months and I just got bored mostly cuz not many of my friends played it. I know a lot of my friends are going to play destiny 2 and the beta and I would like to join them

  7. Played Destiny 1 and the Beta on it.

  8. I would like to play the Destiny 2 Beta because the last time I played Destiny was on the PS3 I enjoyed the game so much I was literally addicted to it! sadly then all those Expansion Packs came out and kinda put me off Destiny and now seeing there is a Sequel to it I want to try out the Beta to see if I would like it again and get back into it also eventually hopefully even buy the Game when it releases, it would be awesome to win a code to play the Closed Beta so I can get back to my Destiny roots and enjoy playing the Beta with my mates before the Open Beta! really appreciate you guys for even giving codes away which is dope!!

  9. I think that I would love to play destiny 2 beta because I’m in love with science fiction and I just love the fact that you can explore all these planets and moons I am also a returning player from destiny 1

  10. I want a code all my friends have one but me fml

  11. I am a huge destiny fan. I have spent over 255 hours on destiny 1 on ps4… yeah.. not too proud of that

  12. @ninjaturtlefan8 (twitter handle) here. I loved destiny 1 had for ps3 and xbox 360. Ive been dying to play 2 since i heard about it. Winning a code would made my day. Ive had a rough birthday month with someone very close to me passing away. Would be awesome to have a little something to perk myself up.

  13. Would love a code to give to my husband for him to give away while he streams Destiny 2 tonight!

  14. Ive played since the initial alpha and beta. I left for awhile since I didn’t have many people to play with, but came back during House of Wolves with a clan. Been playing forever since.

    Right now all my friends are playing, but I haven’t pre-ordered and have to wait.

    I’d really love to be considered in the giveaway! Thanks guys for hosting it!

  15. I am returning from Destiny 1 and am itching to play the Destiny 2 beta.

  16. I’m a returning player, want to play their beta but I’m on holiday for it so this would be a life saver best of luck to everyone.

  17. I loved destiny 1 and I want to play the beta early, I’ve missed playing destiny and I’m very excited for destiny 2. My twitter is njames0598

  18. Would really love a code! My brother and I have been long time Destiny fans since release and it would be amazing to surprise him with a early access beta code!

  19. I played the first game i liked it at first but didn’t like the dlc season pass didn’t cover the last 2 dlc expansions i would like to try the 2nd game at least

  20. I want to get in and see if it’s something I’m going to want to get back into! I loved the first but burnt out before the first update

  21. Played beta of the first game, loved the beta, hated the game, will try the beta to see if Bungie have improved upon the first title

  22. One of the reasons why i want to try out the Destiny 2 beta is cause I’m curious to see if it lives up to my expectations. I’ve seen a lot of people say that Destiny 2 plays like Destiny 1, which is one of the things that made the first game really fun. So I’m hoping that the second game beta gives a good idea on it.

  23. Returning player, beat all the raids in the first game. Really want to see what they did with the classes

  24. Please hook it up with a code man. It would mean a lot.

  25. Returning player but felt Destiny 1 didn’t offer me and my wife to do together. Felt that after the expansions we’d finally get a fully fleshed out game and didn’t. Hoping that Destiny 2 fulfills that and would love to try it. Nothing like playing with your spouse and friends on fireteams!

  26. I started playing Destiny 3 years ago when the closed beta was up for PS4, i started playing whit a couple of friends, we played alone because we didnt know anyone else who wanted to play raids or crucible with us, but it all changed when the second expansion came, we knew a lot of good people playing Trials of Osiris who became really close friends. So finally we had a group of 6 people to play raids and other activities, we had a lot of fun beating Atheon, Crota, and even Oryx and Aksis in the last 2 DLCs. My friends will still be playing Destiny on PS4 but i will have to move to PC due to moving to another city, so I would like that PS4 beta code to play one last time with my friends and feel again those incredible feelings of joy.

  27. I’m returning from Destiny 1 and am itching to play the beta

  28. im a die hard destiny fan. played on ps4 till all my characters were max and had no friends to play with. then i bought an xbox one to play with my friends. in total i have leveled 7 characters to max…

  29. Excited for Destiny 2. Loved Destiny 1. Need beta code please, it would be awesome to check out the game beforehand!

  30. I haven’t played the first even though I’ve heard a lot of good things. I wanted a code in order to see by myself how good this game is and if it’s worth to buy it!

  31. Please hook me up with a code, man

  32. I would love a code as I have heard a lot of people rave about it but I never played the first one. Would be a great way to get a feel for the game and see what the hype is all about! Plus I’ve heard it’s a great game to play with friends, so that would be great.

  33. Never really got into Destiny 1, hoping D2 will be better.

  34. I played D1 and I would like a code. It’s the best game

  35. Hey I want one Code, I played Destiny since of the fiesta beta, I beat every raid and nightfall, I really like this Game please!

  36. I have the D2 beta installed already, but I would like a code for my friend Shizblacka. He’s on the fence about D2, and I want to bring him into the fold.

  37. I enjoyed the first but felt it should have been more. Hoping the 2nd fills in the thin areas. Would love to see if it does.

  38. Can i have a code?
    I played the first probably too much despite not having the newer dlcs, and i loved it. Really wanting to try this one and maybe buy it

  39. I want to give the sequel a chance, since I have not played a lot of the first game, even though I’ve played the alpha.

  40. Bought Destiny 1 on day 1. Fell in love with the story as soon as it was announced. There’s a lot of games coming in this time but Destiny 2 is a big top choice.
    Thanks a lot for the chance!

  41. I am new to the destiny series and want to give this a try

  42. I want a code all my friends have one

  43. Big fan of destiny game been playing the first one a lot with the expansions

  44. I didn’t get a chance to play the old destiny and I want to know if I will like destiny 2 before buying it.

  45. Already played in the Beta of the fist Destiny and now I would like to have a chance to play the Beta of Destiny2 on Xbox One too. 🙂

  46. Im returning after being a day 1 player, played for a while until it became the same old im hoping by playing the beta ill get a feel for where the game is before i decide to buy it.

  47. I need to hook up my friend with a code, he has never played a Destiny game before but is a bit sceptical about Destiny 2

  48. I just want to stream some xb1 D2 with my crew, so I need a code.

  49. I would very much like to see what has been expanded and try out all of the new stuff. Played way too much of the original destiny and wanna try my hand at number 2. 🙂

  50. Really liked destiny one would love a code for destiny 2!

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