The 5 Worst PlayStation 4 Console Exclusives

Having one of the most successful consoles of the generation, doesn’t mean it has its faults when it comes to the software front. With beautiful games, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and The Last of Us Remastered, there also ones that slip through. These could be down to not being as attractive or the game just lacks…… well…. being a game. Here are 5 Exclusive PlayStation 4 games that didn’t really hit the mark.

SingStar Ultimate Party
Another installment of SingStar appeared on our consoles in 2014. The issue with this installment was that Sony took a page out of the lazy book and left it pretty much as any other SingStar. With the same sort of gameplay and the same layout as previous versions, these left players paying out for another version that is quite like a PlayStation 3 version, which isn’t great for a new release. Sony had also come out and said that scores or voice recognition may not register depending on network conditions. Ouch, best leave your singing for the shower!

Air Conflict: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
No idea what happened to this one. The game takes us back to the Vietnam War, where you are the fighter pilot assisting the South Vietnam Forces and US Army advancing on the North. However, what we got was a paper aeroplane flying against a cardboard cut out. The graphics were so substandard, it made this game look like it was 2 generations behind. The story was poor to mediocre, with no real grasp on how to encourage the player into playing more of this game. The only positive from this, if I could name one, would be the soundtrack. It kind of takes you to that era, but with the lack of everything else, it does nothing to keep you attached. With the likes of other aerial fighter games, this posed no threat to them and their flares would not be needed to be deployed. Be warned, you will not only need to eject from the cockpit, but also the disc from the console.

The Tomorrow Children
This game had a big PR budget for an indie, with Sony praising its innovation and team work aspects. A very pretty game, it just became generic and confusing all the time. Nothing really told you what to do apart from the quick tutorial, and when it did come to learn something new, it was played out at a marathons length. As gamers, we don’t have time to spend just watching a tutorial or reading about how some function works. We want easy and quick instructions, maybe with a why we are doing these actions. TTC was a game without knowing what the game was, with many players playing for a short time and not knowing what the overall goal was, they soon jumped ship. Again, a very pretty game and artistic skills close to phenomenal, but ultimately, the micro-transactions and lack of let’s say leadership had killed this game. With so much potential and hype on this game, Sony announced in July 2017, that The Tomorrow Children servers would be powered down on 1st August 2017, with the game surviving only 9 months. Shame.

This game was released about the respected film in 2014. With the film somewhat achieving some good critical praise, the game however, flopped like a dead giant lizard. The game turned out to be a poor building slash creature beat ‘em up. The story gave nothing but a poor script and the game was far from what the film portrayed, with any attempts being squashed under the giant’s foot. The game looked like a PlayStation 2 era version. It gave nothing amazing and for Sony and PlayStation to sell it as a full price, it still baffles my brain to do this day. Luckily, if you had a friend who bought the game, they may have been kind enough to warn you of the mess the have just played! I don’t see another Godzilla appearing on the PlayStation anytime soon.

Orc Slayer
WHAT IN HELL WAS THIS GAME?! This was just a hot mess of rubbish mixed with a big bag of disappointment and sadness. The game has you play as an inventor who has created a weapon that will eventually rid the orc occupation. What it turned out to be was a FPS on killing the same 5 enemies over and over and over and over again in a more or the less the same backdrop. The game froze constantly, with bugs slowing things down. The enemies had no real animations and gave this game the worst rating PS4 title on Metacritic. If there is one bit of advice I could give you, it would be avoid this game.

Here are 5 titles I feel had either great potential or just flopped completely on the PS4. However, the PS4 has produced some fantastic and beautiful gems, it’s fair to say it had its dirt also. What PlayStation exclusive did you feel was the worst? Not listed above? Mention it in the comments below or let us know on Twitter and here is to the next one!

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  1. They are mention above and i believe all of those exclusives you put here are the worst for me too but gonna choose one and that is Orc Slayer

  2. Godzilla wasn’t tied to the film though. Wasn’t really advertised to be either though.

  3. The termination of the service of TTC is not on August 1 but on November 1

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