Xbox Live And Microsoft Accounts Are Getting A Strange Error That References My Little Pony

In an odd piece of news today, Xbox Live and Microsoft users have come across a strange error on the Xbox One console and Microsoft website. The error is called “Mock Title Error” and the description for this error is weird and hilarious at the same time. Check it out below

This would be some long description about the error. Read it and weep! And if you haven’t looked up this phrase on the internet, please do! You will find a My Little Pony episode called “Read it and Weep.” Cloudchasers and Wonderbolts, you’ll never be forgotten!

It’s not known why this error is showing up, and it looks like it shouldn’t be as the error description is not one you would usually see on things like the Xbox One.

What do you think about this strange error and the description text. Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I have not seen his error, but now I really want to see it! ?

  2. Not making games, so they gotta do something.

  3. This site blows. Overrun with ads.

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