Best Buy Are Charging Customers Who Cancelled Their Destiny 2 Pre Order After Getting The Beta Code

Many people are reporting that they have been charged for their beta code after claiming then cancelling their Destiny 2 pre-order. A customer asked on Twitter about this, and their reply can be found below.


Best Buy have also defended their charge in a forum post a few months back saying.

“Because you cancelled your order after your digital Beta code had already been fulfilled, which can’t be returned or deactivated, the system automatically charged you its value in accordance with our policies. I do apologize for any disappointment this may cause, but because we cannot return or deactivate the digital code you were already provided we’ll not be able to provide you with a refund for its value. “

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  1. Good for Best Buy. Aholes wanting stuff for free.

  2. Nope, this is dumb. The Beta is there as incentive to for people to buy at their store. It costs them literally nothing. The value of the customer actually coming into their store to preorder the game there at that location far outweighs the canceling. This is a shady business practice. Luckily I digitally purchased mine. I would be furious. Betas should be free anyways, you shouldn’t have to pay for something you are essentially doing work for a company.

    • You mean like waiting till the open public beta that starts today……Wow what a shocker that rather than rush out to try and scam the system to get an extra day or 2 they could have waited and downloaded it for FREE TODAY…..Love when people cry about “shady” business practices without actually having any knowledge, or acting like its not shady to rush out pre-order a game to get 3 extra days in a beta then rushing back to the store to cancel….If an idiot redeems a code then they should be charged a restocking fee, its not the stores fault some people have no patience

    • Uh, you realize that the majority of pre-orders would have been through their online site, right? And people have warned idiots about doing this for YEARS, saying that retailers are eventually going to start finding ways of dissuading this practice. And now they have! Just because YOU think something should be free, doesn’t mean it will be. And there’s absolutely no indication that anyone who did pre-order in store would have actually bought anything, just by going in there. Foot traffic =/= sales, especially in this day and age.

  3. But that can’t be right. Pre-ordering has no negatives, ever.
    It’s not a bad practice that companies use to exploit consumers.
    Also, I am lying.

    The fact that a beta, a demo is held behind a pre order is silly. Isn’t the point of a beta to get as many people to test your game and stress test the servers, fix things people don’t like etc?

    Point is, don’t pre-order.

    • Hey genius….It was an extra few days, the open public beta starts today… wasn’t held behind a pay wall, extra time in the beta was given as a pre-order bonus…

      • That’s…still hiding it behind a paywall. Look at it this way, if you go to an amusement park and there’s a line to any given ride for people who paid one way, packed to the rafters and having to wait, and another line for those who paid a different way (or more) that was much shorter, or empty, people would be spitting tacks at those who got to go on the ride sooner because they were able to use the express line, as it were.

  4. What if these people cancelled their preorders because they disliked the game after trying the Beta?!

    • Then they should have waited for the open public beta that started TODAY…..Awww boo hoo you wanted that extra few days and got screwed because of your own impatience….

      • Lol, I haven’t pre-ordered. Just got my hands on the Open Beta. I was just asking. 😀 So nope, I did not get screwed.

    • They were only charged whatever BB deemed the Beta code was worth, not the price for the full game.

  5. morons.get em best buy…lmao.i dont see why people just dont wait until open beta.charge them out the as* best buy for destiny 1.5 expansion.

  6. destiny is ghey anyways.

  7. How much did they charge them for the code though, I need to know, dammit!! I want to see how badly these idiots got hosed for this, haha.

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