Data Shows Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Lost Its Value Faster Than Any Other Call Of Duty Game In The Series

While it might not come as a shock to many, it can be confirmed that Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare lost its value quicker than any previous game in the series. This can be confirmed by using an Amazon price tracker history which keeps the price drops and increase for any game listed on Amazon.

As you can see below, this is the price history of Infinite Warfare, and it was down to £12.99 by April of this year which means it only took 6 months for it to go down to that price. Other sites have been selling Infinite Warfare for as low as £8.


Lets have a look at the value over the years of past Call Of Duty games.


Even after over 20 months since its release, Black Ops III has still not dropped to £12.99 on Amazon.


Advanced Warfare would eventually drop lower than Infinite Warfare but it took close to 2 years from its release to do that.


Ghosts was pretty much the same too, and didn’t drop down to £12.99 until around 20 months after release.


And going back as far as the original Black Ops will show that it didn’t drop to £12.99 until around 5 YEARS after release! Call Of Duty games have been known to keep its value so it shows how poor the release of Infinite Warfare truly was.

Could Call Of Duty: WWII be the same, and lose its value quick like Infinite Warfare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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