The Nintendo Switch App Outrage Could Kill Nintendo’s Incredible Momentum

The Nintendo Switch app, for iOS and Android, was just released ahead of the Splatoon 2 release. Already there have been issues with the app. Since its announcement, the Nintendo Switch app has already received as a bad idea with how it was going to work. Basically, all you can do so far is a battle with your friends only in Splatoon 2. Then all you can do is talk to the players either in the waiting room of the game or in the game itself and if you turn your screen off, change to a different app or go to your home screen, you will lose the ability to talk to other players. Also, it appears that if you want to do the handheld mode, you will have to have some headphones and a bunch of other cables to be able to utilize the Switch app which could bring on more problems than necessary.

The Nintendo Switch app really didn’t need to exist or if Nintendo felt the need to be like everyone else and be part of the multiplayer action like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, Nintendo should have taken their time and actually put some work into this app. It seems as though the person or persons behind the app have created it with children in mind with the basic designs of the app and it being a battery drainer. Now if Nintendo had taken the time to actually work on the app and released it on the year anniversary of the Switch or later, that would have given Nintendo the time to actually make the functions better and give it more functions that it has now. Also, by this time you would have more games available on the Switch.

Now could the app kill Nintendo’s momentum? For the time being, the app could severely slow down Nintendo’s momentum if not kill it. Unless if Nintendo made it absolutely necessary for the person who owns a Switch to get the app. staying away from the app would be the best thing to do till Nintendo actually fixes it and makes the app better. With the news going around with how terrible the app is, it can also put a hinder on those who are still looking for a Switch and with the app getting terrible reviews and only working for only Splatoon 2 at the moment, that could also stop people from wanting to get a Switch since their thinking would be to the effect if Nintendo can’t even get their app right from the get go, what other problems would the console bring further down the road?

Even though the app could kill the Nintendo momentum at the moment, in time when the app hopefully becomes better with each update and Nintendo becomes involved in the online multiplayer experience, the momentum can start up again, especially when some of the big named games are coming to the Switch in the future.

Overall, the app seems to be bringing some bad news to the Nintendo crew. Before it gets really out of hand, Nintendo really needs to get the app fixed and working, especially when it comes to working with more of the games it has and the console itself. If Nintendo doesn’t get it fix soon, it looks like it would be a show stopper for the Switch only four months after its release. This could bring the Switch down really fast and become an upgraded version of the Wii U. If they fix it quickly, that can all be avoided. So will we have a Wii Uv.2 or will we finally have the Switch that will finally do all of the things that were promised since the Wii U and more?

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