The Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Price Drop

You wouldn’t think the Nintendo Switch would have a price drop yet would you? But it’s true! The Nintendo Switch has been price dropped in New Zealand which is the first price drop for the console since it launched. In other regions, it’s not even possible to buy the Nintendo Switch so it’s unlikely a price drop will happen over there.

The retailer MightyApe has dropped the Nintendo Switch price from $548 NZ to $518 NZ which is a $30 NZ price drop. It appears that the Nintendo Switch is stocked very well in New Zealand, most likely enough that a price drop is warranted unlike in the UK or Japan were it’s currently almost impossible to buy a brand new Nintendo Switch from a retailer.

EBGames New Zealand have also dropped their Switch price to $519 NZ, so it appears there’s multiple retailers in New Zealand who are dropping their Nintendo Switch prices.

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