Superhot Devs Discuss What They’d Like To See From A PSVR 2.0; Superhot Switch Edition Is Possible

During a Reddit AMA on R/PS4 and R/PSVR, the developers of Superhot/Superhot VR answered some very interesting questions regarding the Nintendo Switch, future projects, and about PlayStation VR 2.0 if that ever happens.

A user on Reddit R/PSVR asked if a Nintendo Switch version could happen or if it’s being considered at all, the developers replied saying “it’s being considered.” They made it clear that it won’t be easy however by saying “We had some issues on PSVR with performance so on switch it will be ultra hard on that matter.”

The developers was then asked if DLC was coming at all, and the response was interesting. They confirmed that DLC will come to the standard PS4 version, but Superhot VR will not be getting DLC. It’s not known why, but it’s assumed that it’s either that the market isn’t big enough or technical issues.

One of the most interesting questions of the AMA was about a potential “PSVR 2.0” and what they’d like to see come from it. They responded saying they’d like to see “I would love to see new controllers and definitely more than one tracker. Wireless headset would be great”

The dev team were also asked about their future projects with the response being “Most of us are working on DLC/porting. The rest are doing crazy stuff: VR, multiplayer games, 2D, mobile. Many, many things are happening in our office right now, though, DLC is our top priority, so any new stuff we will be posting after we finish with it.”

And finally they confirmed they are trying their “best to improve it more on Pro” as there have been some technical issues on the console that have not been fixed.

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