Superhot VR Patch 1.02 Is Live; Includes PS4 Pro Resolution Improvements

Superhot VR got a patch earlier today that comes with a few improvements, including one that will get PlayStation 4 Pro owners excited. The file size of this patch comes in at just over 400MB. Here’s a look at the patch notes for 1.02.

  • Higher resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Fixed achievements (Chosen one, You are free, GGEZ, What’s wrong with you?!, Nice Combo, Faster, Take your time)
  • Fixed bug in first hackerroom with spawning player at incorrect position .
  • Mindwave tutorial changed and mind wave values tweaked to be less rigoristic.
  • Fixed AI of red dudes on few levels

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  1. This game still looks jaggy as hell but incredibly fun, you lose yourself in this and forget completely about time and play for longer then you should. I hope they work some more on the Pro so that it can look better. Looking at games like Far Point and what that looks like lets me know that this could get better.

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