Tekken 7 Version 1.04 Patch Is Now Live; What Does It Do?

Tekken 7’s latest patch has gone live for the PS4, and we can confirm that the patch size comes in at a pretty sizeable 740.8MB. You would think that it would come with a lot of fixes or additions, but instead it’s just a fix for issues that happened with customization items.

After installing the patch, and seeing what has specifically been fixed in the customization options, we noticed that it has restored black and darker colors. However the Tekken community have pointed out that there are still many issues with colors that have still not been fixed, so don’t expect this patch to fix all the customization color options in Tekken 7.

Let us know what your thoughts are of the latest patch, has it fixed enough for you or is there still much that needs to be fixed?

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  1. fix the input lag

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