PlayStation Now User Calls The Service A “Joke” After Being Told They Had To Wait In A Queue To Play Their Game

A PlayStation Now user on Reddit posted an image of a queue system that is on the service. In the image it says that the user would have to wait 4 minutes, and then will be notified “when it’s their turn to play” which has caused a major backlash for the service after the image went viral.

Here’s a look at the screen when being queued



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  1. I’m calling the service a joke too they should just add Backwards Comaptibility for PS4 Players too

  2. Sony dont care about backwards compatibility, one of thier guys reckons no one else does either from that comment made a little while ago and this half arsed joke of a service proves it. People will stop using it eventually, coz its terrible, but sony will consider it proof that “no one wants to play old games”.

  3. For the players Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  4. Oh dear

  5. Wtf. Embarassing.

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