SNES Classic Edition Walmart Pre-Orders Only Lasted For 30 Minutes Before Going Out Of Stock; Orders Already Being Cancelled

The SNES Classic edition has been popping up on retail sites for the last few weeks around the world, and have been selling fast despite Nintendo saying that they have upped the production of the SNES Classic Edition compared to the NES. The first US retailer to allow pre-orders was Walmart, and like the other online stores worldwide, it was out of stock in less than an hour.

Many people in the US had been waiting for pre-orders of the SNES Classic Edition to go up, and no actual announcement was even made. It just went up, was found, and then it spread like crazy to the point were “SNES Classic” trended worldwide on Twitter.

There was also so much traffic on the product page that it had actually crashed, and as of writing this news story, the product page is still down, and it currently looks like this.


It looks like some orders have been unfortunately cancelled, with some tweeting about it happening.

Did you manage to grab a pre-order of the SNES Classic Edition before it went out of stock? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I got mine and it wasn’t cancelled but I was lucky enough to see it right when it went live. I kept refreshing the page afterwards to see how long it would last and I don’t think it was even 30 minutes. It changed to out of stock a couple of minutes before the web page finally crashed.

  2. I happened to get mine also right when it went live. Mine hasn’t been canceled yet. I will not believe the rumors that they canceled all the orders either. I can see peoples credit cards not having enough funds or maybe even wrong info, expiration dates,etc. If Walmart truly is canceling the pre-orders then show me a press release. I want a representative of Walmart to say this. Where is it?

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