Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Could Be Better Than Uncharted 4

The countdown to the next installment of the Uncharted series has begin with The Lost Legacy being released August 22nd for PS4. Though we saw an end to the story of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4, the story of Chloe Frazer seems to only just begin with the latest instalment of the Uncharted franchise.

Now the question is why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy could be better than Uncharted 4? One could answer with the fact that Chloe is among the fan favorites of the characters of the Uncharted series and when developers were going over ideas of the spin-off, they kept on coming back to Chloe though they had plenty of other characters to choose from. But why choose Chloe even though they have quite a few other characters that they could have taken the lead to. However, it can all still come back to why Lost Legacy could be better than Uncharted 4? I think that maybe by having a female lead in an Uncharted game this time, people would want to go out and buy it just to see how much different her character is to that of Nathan Drake. Now Chloe might have been referenced as a female version of Drake, it can be interesting to see if she is just a female version of Drake or really a great character in of her own right.

Another reason why The Lost Legacy could be better than Uncharted 4 is the different perspective that it will have with Chloe and Nadine at the helm of the game. Fans of the series would be curious to see how this works out. Other gamers might feel the need to be interested in the game because it does have a female lead which we hardly see in video games much or just to see what the game is all about which then can turn the newer players to the older Uncharted games. Having a powerful female lead can also be a refreshing change to the series and bring newer fans to the series that wouldn’t have tried the games before.

Since the Naughty Dog team is straying away from the Nathan Drake story and looking into the other characters for the spin-off games, this could definitely bring new life to the series and give the players the opportunity to play other characters besides Nathan Drake. Plus having the different character going treasure hunting would give the player a choice of playing someone new and learning about their history while trying to stick to the original concept of the series while still providing new story lines for each game.

Overall, I think that just by having Chloe as the main character instead of Nathan Drake, fans can get a new take on the series while it still keeps the magic of the treasure hunting and puzzle solving all the while gun slinging and butt kicking that they had experienced with the previous games. Since Chloe seems to be a fan favorite as well as that of the developers of the game, we can definitely see a lot of work that goes into The Lost Legacy because I think that  Naughty Dog wants to show the potential that Chloe and Nadine have. Also they would probably be wanting to explore more of Chloe’s history and bring her story to life and it seems like Chloe would be the type who has a great backstory. Plus maybe by now a lot of people are wanting to get away from the whole Nathan Drake story anyways and having a fresh take can certainly make the The Lost Legacy better than Uncharted 4 even though Uncharted 4 will always have that place as the final chapter on the story of Nathan Drake. Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy could be better than Uncharted 4? Having a new character and her story that will be told can make The Lost Legacy better than Uncharted 4.

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