Dying Light’s First Free DLC Detailed; Out Now For PC, Consoles At A Later Date

Techland have announced today that their first free DLC called “Content Drop #0” has launched for the PC, and console owners can expect to get the free DLC coming to them in September which will also include the first content as well. The #0 content drop was also detailed which you can find below.

Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 includes a new faction of soldiers set to cause havoc in the Old Town; the Mutated Goon, a new zombie enemy; a new player outfit called ‘Hunted’; and a new weapon, ‘Harran Military Rifle’ (available exclusively via the Gemly platform).

What is the Gemly platform you might be wondering? Well Techland also explained to us about this new platform in their press release, details can be found below.

Gemly is a digital distribution platform featuring exclusive content for Techland’s games, as well as a digital store offering titles from both Techland Publishing and third party publishers, and a community hub for the fans of Techland’s games (to be launched soon). To celebrate the release of Content Drop #0, Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is currently 60% off via Gemly.com.

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  1. I’m glad Techland is still supporting the game 🙂

  2. lol….60% off the full retail price of 60$ is 23.xx …..the price they are selling it for on their website. BUT, a quick search shows the average price for this title is 30.00, looks like its only a 8-9% sale IRL.

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