Indie Dev On Xbox One X: “Judging By What We’ve Seen So Far, I Sure Hope 4K 60FPS Is Possible”

In the lead up to the release of Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure on Xbox One and PS4, the developers of the game participated in a Reddit AMA on r/XboxOne were they discussed the Xbox One X and porting from PC to consoles, specifically the Xbox One.

One user asked right away about the Xbox One X, and said “Will there be a 4k, 60fps version for Xbox One X!!??” and here’s what the devs had to say in response.

As soon as Unreal 4.17 appears we’ll be able to think about supporting Xbox One X. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, I sure hope 4k 60fps is possible!

Another person asked them the following question “How difficult was it to port to Xbox? Any big issues you had that didn’t exist when porting to other platforms?” They responded with the following

When we started making UNA we were total greenhorns, so from day 1 we made decisions / mistakes that would have huge consequences down the road. One of those was starting development on a title without the hardware for all our target platforms.

Fast forward 9 months into development and that’s when we started to port, big mistake! We’re fortunate that both Epic Games and Microsoft have a lot of documentation, forums and support channels because we made it as tough as possible for ourselves.

And lastly they were asked about the engine which the game is running on, and it got the following response.

We’re using Unreal Engine 4 to bring Unbox alive. We’ve found it’s incredibly easy to prototype thanks to blueprint scripting, and it’s made porting Unbox to Xbox One fairly straightforward!

There were some very interesting questions and answers in this AMA, and it’s always great to hear when indie devs want to push the power of their game with the use of Xbox One X.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions about the questions and answers in this AMA in the comments section below.


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