Nintendo Switch Is Outselling The Wii U By A Large Margin In The Same Time Frame; Trailing Behind The Wii

The latest Nintendo Switch numbers have been released which cover the first four months of the consoles sales figures, and it came in at a very impressive 4.7 million. What makes the latest number so impressive is that unlike previous Nintendo consoles, the Nintendo Switch did not release in the holiday season which gave the previous consoles a significant sales increase.

How does that number match up with previous Nintendo console release? Well it is clearly and quite easily outselling the Wii U in the same time frame. The Wii U’s first four months sales figures comes in at 3.45 million which is way over 1 million less consoles sold than the Nintendo Switch, and the Wii U also had the Holiday push and marketing to go with it. Once again this shows how much of a failure the Wii U was compared to other Nintendo consoles. Sorry Wii U!

However the Nintendo Switch is not on track to takeover the original Wii’s great numbers after four months, but like the Wii U, this was sold in the Holiday months which really helped push the Wii sales way up. The Wii in four months sold an insane 5.84 million which is over million extra consoles more than the Nintendo Switch in the same time frame.

These numbers do not include what Splatoon 2 will do for the Nintendo Switch as that was another hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch game, and was the first official game to get the Nintendo Switch console bundle treatment. It’s very likely that the numbers have already eclipsed 5 million for the Switch with the hype of Splatoon 2. The interesting numbers will be for Holiday 2017, with that extra marketing and the release of the extremely anticipated Super Mario Odyssey, could the Nintendo Switch possibly reach Wii’s time frame numbers? Only time will tell, but for now, we can tell that Nintendo Switch is a much more accepted console compared to the Wii U. Once again, sorry Wii U!

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