Overcooked On Nintendo Switch Is Suffering From Performance Issues Already

Overcooked: Special Edition launched on the Nintendo Switch today, and players were quick to report that there’s performance issues with the game on the Switch. The biggest issue with the game appears to be slowdowns and framerate drops that have made the game almost unplayable for some owners.

Players who the own the game, and are reporting these issues have confirmed that they have tried the game both docked and portable mode, but it doesn’t seem to be any different or fix any of the issues. Player also noted that the issues are not throughout the game as some levels run smoothly in the game, but other levels seem to make the slowdowns happen more often.

It appears that there needs to be a patch to fix some of these issues that players are having with Overcooked on the Switch. It should also be noted that some players have said that the game has been running fine for them, so it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue currently.

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  1. Oh look another game that wasn’t tested that runs like shit and will leave customers with a broken experiuence for weeks. This is why refunds need to become mandatory when these issues come up at launch. The quality would improve overnight of these scumbag devs.

  2. Wow! this? really? this is obviously a lack of attention on the developers part! But, it also speaks bad about the switch, if something like this doesnt run smoothly, either its not as easy to port to the switch or the switc’s power demands the developer to make a spot on optimization for it!

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