Dead Rising 4 Still Hasn’t Shipped Over 1 Million Copies; New Street Fighter V Shipped Figures Revealed

We now know the updated sales figures of some Capcom games thanks to Capcom’s “Platinum Titles” list which is pretty much a list of Capcom titles that have shipped over 1 million units. It is updated after every quarter when Capcom reveal their financials for the previous quarter, which ended on June 30th 2017.

It’s an interesting piece of information, as it keeps us informed when a Capcom title has made it past the 1 million shipped copies line. One game in particular that we have been tracking is Dead Rising 4 which never made it to the 1 million mark when it updated the first time since the release of the game. It looks like the release of DLC content, and launching on Steam has done nothing to reach that mark, as once again, Dead Rising 4 has failed to reach the 1 million shipped standard that is needed to be featured as a Platinum Title. It looks very unlikely that it will until a PS4 version is release, and depending on how much it sold, even then it could be tricky for Dead Rising 4 which released to much criticism. This is also way below the series best at 3 million shipped with Dead Rising 2.

Street Fighter V made a small climb up the Platinum Titles list with a move from 1.6 million to 1.7 million since the previous quarter update. It’s been a very slow mover for Capcom after it’s initial launch early last year, but it at least climbed enough to make it to the 1.7 million shipped mark.

Let us know your thoughts on the recently updated Platinum Titles for Capcom, do you think Microsoft made a big mistake with Dead Rising 4 exclusivity? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sure. They decided to take out coop from the campaign and that’s what they get

  2. DR4 was a disgrace to the series. They removed and changed what made DR great!

  3. Another xbox “ex-clusive” that flopped!

    Its amazing how people defend a system that has more games flopping than games scoring 90 or retail exclusives in the last seven months!

  4. The game lost its Japanese spirit, Not to mention it’s over the top characters with some character instead of Generic. what basically this game has become.

    • Fake News,

    • Japanese based games are only really played by those who obsess over Jap stuff anyway, MGS V was probably one of the only decent Jap made games that I could say was decent (and that wasn’t even finished lmao).

  5. DR4 had a few issues that hurt it. It kind of came out of no where, during the holiday season amongst lots of games exclusive to Xbox One and big 3rd party games. They marketed DR4 wrong….. they pushed the silly nature of the game more than the serious narrative. People dont know that Dead Rising games can actually be played serious. The game was different and took out some of the things we became use to like co op. Then add in the Bias Gaming Media (BGM) continued their tradition of attacking and tanking Xbox One games they took the fore mentioned stuff and again leveled a kill campaign against the game. The game couldnt even benefit from the exclusivity bump because the media was pushing pushing its timed exclusivity. So it was an all around sh!t show.

    • Lol the loser blaming media for Xbox failures has arrived!

      Funny how media has managed to hide all retail 2017 xbone exclusives from every one but him… ???


      • You stankin ass sony pony….. why do you continue talking to me. Its funny how now only “retail exclusives count”. Moving that goal post I see.

        You live in a made up world were Xbox has nothing to play while us Xbox gamers are constantly juggling several games. Is it because you can beat the entire Ps4 exclusive library in a 2 weeks and none of the games have replay value?


        • Lol ???there’s the rage! Tell me all about those great 2017 xbrick exclusives! Retail or not…

          I’m waiting

  6. sf5 was hurt from exclusivity.

  7. i missed the old capcom, well, i sniff panty crotch everyday

  8. Why bring Frank back and change everything about his character and looks? It’s not Frank. They could have called him “Bill” and it would have been better marketing. The main reason why I didn’t buy the game is that all I saw was how he could kill zombies with anything. That’s what they advertised. We already know you can kill zombies with anything because that’s how it’s been from the first game. They made the game look like it’s just an illegitimate Frank imposter killin’ zombies. “We got zombies…now kill them!” It looked boring without a reason to kill them.

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