Get 12 Months Of PlayStation Plus For £33/€43 Before It Increases To £50/€60 Next Month

The price of PlayStation Plus is going up in the UK and Europe, but that’s in August so there’s still time to get 12 months of PlayStation Plus in the UK and Europe which is also much less than the current £40/€50 retail price. CDKeys are offering these great prices, and it’s worth getting them now before word spreads and they are all out of stock. You will be able to find your specific country’s subscription below.

PlayStation Plus 12 Months UK – £33.89 – Link

PlayStation Plus 12 Months Spain – €42.99 – Link

PlayStation Plus 12 Months Austria – €42.99 – Link

PlayStation Plus 12 Months Switzerland – €42.99 – Link 

PlayStation Plus 12 Months Germany – €44.99 – Link 

Remember to get these as soon as possible before they go up or go out of stock! Don’t miss out!

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