Nintendo Is Locking A Difficulty Setting Behind An Amiibo Purchase

If you want to play the hardest mode in Metroid: Samus Returns which is called Fusion Difficulty, well you’re going to have to pay up for it rather than just unlocking it in the game. That’s right, if you want to unlock this difficulty setting you must purchase the Metroid Amiibo as well completing the game.

For those who don’t know much about Amiibo’s and only purchase DLC on Xbox One and PS4, this would be like lets say for example, the latest Call Of Duty game making their hardest difficulty a $20 DLC that you also need to complete to unlock the mode which really makes no sense at all, and it doesn’t seem fair to do that to those who want to play the game, and unlock modes that should already be in the game rather than being an “Amiibo DLC”

I understand that costumes are a bonus, which is what Amiibo’s usually offer, but when it starts locking content like additional modes behind an Amiibo paywall, that’s when it becomes an issue with the players. As you can imagine, many Nintendo fans are not happy about this decision, and are questioning why a difficulty setting should be behind a paywall and needing to be completed to unlock too.

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