Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Leaked For PS4 And Xbox One

It appears as if a site called Coolshop has leaked a Street Fighter collection which will release for Xbox One and PS4, meaning it won’t be a PS4 exclusive title.


Here’s the description of the leaked product listing.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection commemorates the 15th anniversary of Capcom’s series of fighting games. The compilation includes Hyper Street Fighter II, which combines previous Street Fighter II features and character variations from previous Street Fighter II editions, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Hyper Street Fighter II lets you mix and match characters from the different versions for a variety of matchups. Street Fighter III: Third Strike offers a total of 19 different playable characters, a Grade Judge System, and a Progressive Hit Frame System.

No date was given for this new collection, but you would have to assume that is coming this year.

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  1. 2 old games at that price and they call this a collection? Will this even have online? Man Capcom have gotten greedy as hell.

  2. Ya it will be like $50 Canadian for 2 old games that will both likely lack online. GUess i’ll wait for a sale

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