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After bringing Zen Pinball over to the PlayStation VR late last year Zen Studios is back again with something for all of you golfers out there. Infinite Minigolf is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR and I had the privilege of checking it out for the purpose of this review. Years ago Zen Studios released a mini golf game but quickly dropped support for it. Now they have returned to the green with some wacky new courses and other interesting features but is the game fun to play?

Infinite Minigolf puts you the player on wacky courses in different environments trying to putt your ball into the hole at the end of each course all the while trying to avoid obstacles or pick up power ups along the way. The single player mode offers three different themed worlds for you to try out. Giant Home is a Toy Story like world where you’ll be in this huge bedroom with lots of toys on your courses. The other two are Nightmare Mansion which is a Halloween like theme and Santa’s Factory which is pretty self explanatory. Each of these themes has four tournaments and each tournament has 10 courses. There are also three different difficulties per tournament but you are restricted to playing each one in order to unlock the next difficulty which is a strange design choice as I would have liked the option to play on normal or hard from the start.

infinite minigolf

You’ll start off with some pretty each courses as I was able to get hold in one’s for quite a few courses in a row. It doesn’t take long though for more obstacles to start getting put in your way and you’ll have to start thinking more on how you want to take your shots. Hills and ramps can easily make you fly off the course while tunnels can provide shortcuts to the goal at the end. I really enjoy mini golf games like this because I just love the unique and crazy courses they allow versus a real golf game. Power ups on the courses can also help you such as a rocket that will give you a huge boost should your ball start to settle or a magnet that will suck you into the hole if you are close enough to it. Different colored gems are also spread out over the courses which when collected give you additional points towards your score at the end. While there are good amount of courses to play on the three themes do get kind of old really quick. I wish there was more environmental variety and I hope Zen Studios can add more soon but as to whether that will be free or paid DLC who knows.

If you run out of courses Zen Studios created to play on there is a course editor built right into the game so that you can create your own new ones or play ones others have created. Further Zen Studios made all of the user created courses Cross-Platform so while I played the PS4 version I could end up playing courses players made on Xbox One, Switch, or PC which is really cool and can do nothing but help the amount of content we end up having to play. I’ve played quite a few courses made by others and while you do run into some pretty simple courses you also run into some really creative and difficult ones as well. I tried the Course Editor out for myself and while it’s really cool I did find the lack of instructions made it hard to learn and wrap my head around.

infinite minigolf

The controls of the game itself are pretty simple and easy to learn so that anyone can jump in and easily play. You pull back on the analog stick to determine how hard you want to hit the ball and let go when you want to hit it. While the game just kind of drops you in and doesn’t tell you the controls it really is pretty easy to learn. Outside of the single player tournaments you can jump into Quick Play mode which will drop you into courses made by others. As you complete each one you can move on to the next which is a pretty quick process thanks to the very short load times. You can also rate the courses you play using some emojis while online leaderboards show you how you stack up to others who played it. I found myself spending a lot of time in Quick Play just because of how fast it was to move from stage to stage.

infinite minigolf

There are also in game challenges for you to complete which will reward you with coins as well as give you XP to level up. Coins allow you to buy card parks that grant you cards that you can exchange for new customization items for your character of which there is a ton to pick from. Shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, balls, clubs and so on are all at your choosing and you’ll unlock new ones as you level up with XP. The challenges themselves vary and can include things such as just picking up a certain colored gem on the course or using a certain number of powerups. When it comes to Online Play the game offers support to play with up to 8 players but good luck finding that many. I’ve managed to get into a few 1V1 matches online and it worked well but it’s slow finding a match right now. It’s a shame that there isn’t some kind of Cross-Play to go along with the Cross-Platform Course Sharing. If you can get some friends together either locally or online I can see this being a fun party game to play together.

infinite minigolf

I also want to touch on the PlayStation VR functionality Infinite Minigolf has. It is not required to play the game but after checking it out it is kind of neat. Everything looks really clear and clean in VR running on the PS4 Pro and I didn’t experience any kind of technical issues while playing. However one thing that isn’t included is PlayStation Move support which I think would have made the VR mode much cooler. As it stands it’s just a way to make you feel like you are there more while you are stuck still pulling back on the analog sticks to hit the ball. Being able to actually look and hit the ball with a Move controller in VR would have made for a much more awesome experience.

Infinite Minigolf is a fun and easy to pick up and play game that anyone I think can enjoy. Variety is something it needs more of when it comes to the courses and hopefully we do get that in the future. More clear instructions in certain areas would have been nice too and I hope the online player count grows. However with Cross-Platform courses and lots of things to unlock there is a lot here to dig into for the asking price.

*Infinite Minigolf is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR. Review Code provided by Zen Studios.

Infinite Minigolf





  • Simple Controls Makes It Easy for Anyone to Play
  • Fun and Varied Course Designs
  • Cross-Platform Course Sharing
  • Lots of Customization Items to Unlock


  • Only Three Different World Themes
  • Hard to Find Others to Play Online With
  • Course Editor Doesn't Really Teach You How to Use It
  • VR Mode Doesn't Add a Lot to the Experience
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