Xbox One News and Updates

Xbox One News and Updates

The Xbox One is an iconic eighth generation video games console. Launched in 2013 – or 2014 depending on which part of the world you were living in – its design marked a shift back to the x86 architecture which was used in the original Xbox.

The Xbox One line of consoles continues to grow and develop, with a new edition, the Xbox One X, set for release very soon. Here, we will take a closer look at the One X, and what it can offer to gamers.

Xbox One News

The big news dominating coverage of the Xbox One at the moment is the imminent launch of the Xbox One X, which offers gamers increased power and extra features. Set for release in November 2017, the console offers 40% more power than any other console. It gives home console users the chance to immerse themselves in true 4K gaming. Load times are set to be much faster, even for gamers using a 1080p screen.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been moving its Xbox and PC platforms closer together, in a number of different ways. The Universal Windows Applications (UWA) has been instrumental in bringing the two platforms together in one ecosystem. An Xbox app was launched in 2015 for Windows 10 PCs, and Microsoft’s plan, slowly coming to fruition, seems to be to move the entire development model across to developing universal applications that can run across PC and Xbox platforms.


The capabilities of the Xbox One X look formidable. The 4K technology that the Xbox One X uses promises smoother game play, much quicker load times and enhanced AI. The console’s 8-core custom AMD CPU has 2.3 Ghz at its disposal. The 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory that the console boasts not only enables quicker load times, but also much bigger game worlds, spreading player’s cyber horizons even further. A 6 Teraflop GPU brings 4K environments to life, allowing characters to become more realistic than ever before. The level of detail and smoothness of movement needs to be seen to be believed.

Best Online Games

With noticeable advancements of the Xbox’s built in browser capabilities, it’s now possible to take advantage of the many browser based games and applications on the web. From flagship titles such as Final Fantasy XIV, music and film streaming sites that may not have a dedicated app, to browser based poker and casino gaming with titles such as the Thunderstruck 2 slot – the world is your oyster.

The Xbox One X offers the world’s most powerful online gaming network too, which means gamers can connect, compete and share across the internet – just one reason as to why gamers should ditch Playstation 4. Heaps of older game titles can also be downloaded, and are free to play, such as World of Tanks, are now free to play, and are available from the Microsoft website.

Of course, those older titles are nothing like as immersive and outstanding as the games which have been designed with 4K technology in mind. These include titles like FIFA 18, set for release in September, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which is available for download now. There will also be 4K exclusives, such as Forza 7 Motorsport, Super Lucky’s Tale and Sea of Thieves which promise a whole new level of immersion to gamers!

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