War-Themed Games You Definitely Need to Try

War has always been a popular theme among gamers. There have been countless titles based on wars of different eras. Interestingly, games based on fantasy wars are just as thrilling to play. There is something about racking up kill counts and bringing the opposition to their knees that feels so satisfying.

War is a theme popular in many genres of game too. You don’t just have a lot of first-person shooter titles to go through, but also strategy and RPG games, interactive graphic novels, and even puzzle games set in a time of turmoil. We took the time to browse through some of the more interesting war games to try, and we have the top three war-themed games right here in this article.


The ARMA franchise is famous for one thing: immense realism. Since they were first introduced, ARMA games have always been incredibly realistic, featuring top of the line graphics, good physics, and the kind of battlefield realism that you don’t always get from other games. They offer more than just a shoot-‘em-all FPS game experience.

The latest iteration of this franchise, ARMA 3, takes that realistic approach to a whole new level. ARMA 3 really takes you to war. Developed and published by Bohemia Interactive, this game features a massive open world and an engaging gameplay.

The game’s beginning is unique too. You enter the virtual war zone as Ben Kerry, a US Army Corporal. Instead of going into battle with allies and fellow soldiers, you are forced to survive on your own after a defeat and a failed operation. Complete this first storyline and ARMA 3 will reward you with interesting missions, a wide range of weaponry (including drones and air support), and so much more.

Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War is an MMORPG game based on a fantasy war with a medieval setting. You are given the freedom by Lord Oberon, ruler of Darkshine, to build and strengthen your own castle, develop a strong army, and bring the Empire of Stormfall back to its former glory.

Stormfall: Age of War is interesting for two reasons. First of all, the game is played by thousands of people and they are either your enemies or your allies. You are at war with other players, in real-time, and the decisions you make will greatly affect the survival and growth of your kingdom.

More importantly, the game covers every aspect of war brilliantly. You can’t just handle every issue with brute force and focus on developing a strong army. You need to implement the right strategy, rely on diplomacy when it counts, worry about logistics, all while keeping the people of your kingdom protected.

As the developer of this game, Plarium, aptly said in an article, war games serve a cocktail of hormones, emotions, and strategic thoughts. Plarium and its Stormfall: Age of War game capture those elements of war perfectly.

This War of Mine

Speaking about emotions in war, there is a game that looks at the other side of war. This War of Mine is a war-themed game without all of the explosions and gunfire. Instead of focusing on war itself, This War of Mine tells the story of the citizens of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.

The challenges in this game really take you in emotionally. You are forced to balance between finding food and medicine, building and protecting your community, and surviving at the same time. For example, you have to protect your allies from snipers during the day, and then organize them to find food and medicine once day turns to night.

The way This War of Mine uses 2.5D graphics, the accents and visual effects you will find throughout the game, and the storyline all combine to create an eerie environment not far away from that experienced by those who have suffered the effects of war.

There are a lot of interesting war titles to play, but these three are definitely among the list of games you have to try at least once. The elements they serve will make you think twice about what to expect from war-themed video games.

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