Nintendo Switch Is In That Much Demand With Developers That There’s A DevKit Shortage

In an Interview with Mad Fellows, developers of Aaero, we talked to them about bringing their game over to the Switch. They were very interested but mentioned that there is currently a shortage of DevKits (Development Kits) which can be used to test games.

Nintendo currently has very few games on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch and those that are present are doing very well. This has spurred an increased interest from developers that were still checking if the Switch was going to be successful at all.

Requesting the development tools from Nintendo is also open to anyone, not just experienced developers of triple A games, as is evident by their FAQ:

Do I have to be a company or have a certain level of development experience?

No, the Nintendo Developer Portal is for anyone interested in developing software for Nintendo platforms. No prior development experience is required

Nintendo welcomes developers of all sizes. Individual developers only need personal information to register. Larger developers will need to enter additional information for the organization administrator and a company officer

How much does it cost to develop on Nintendo platforms?

Registering for the portal and downloading the tools is completely free, and if you’re releasing a digital title you can use the IARC system for age rating for no fee. All that’s left is the cost of acquiring development hardware which you can find out about inside of the portal

So it seems Nintendo does not only have issues keeping up with the production of retail consoles, but also with the ones provided to developers.

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  1. It’s one thing to put a chokehold on suppy chains for your retail hardware to create demand (which Nintendo has ALWAYS done), but not being able to produce enough dev kits is pathetic. Nintendo is always handicapping their hardware in some way, just like with their approach to storage and online services. Hell, MS has made it so easy, devs can literally use a stock X1 as a dev kit, develop primarily on the PC, then port everything over.

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