Take Two Doesn’t “Focus Too Much” On Platform Exclusivity; Wants Their Products “On Many Platforms”

During the latest quarterly conference for ┬áTake Two Interactive, a caller asked Take Two about their views on exclusivity. Take Two responded by saying “in terms of platform exclusivity, we don’t focus too much on that” and continued by saying “the priority for us” is that “our products are available as widely as possible, and on many platforms as possible.”

The answer was continued by saying “there may be specific game related reasons for us to do a certain level of exclusivity by platform” and that there is “no strategic focus on increasing or decreasing that going forward”

Could this response mean that while there’s no plans to have any kind of exclusivity for a full game, there could be exclusivity for content? Red Dead Redemption 2 will be marketed by Sony who have the rights for it, and these kind of marketing deals come with some form of exclusivity whether it’s timed exclusivity for a game or simply just DLC releasing first.

One thing is for sure, don’t expect a Take-Two video game to be exclusive to just one platform any time soon.

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