Images Of Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Microtransactions Revealed; Includes Loot Boxes & Boosts

During a live stream for Middle Earth: Shadow Of War on YouTube  microtransactions were revealed for the first time. It looks like there is an in-game currency which you can earn yourself without having to use real money. Then there’s the gold coins which can also be earned in-game but in very small amounts, to get a sizeable amount of these gold coins, you would have to purchase them through the platforms store.

Here’s a look at the market in Middle Earth: Shadow Of War which shows what you can buy with your coins.




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  1. Microtransactions ? In 60 bucks game ?
    What is this, a free mobile game ?

    • While I’m inclined to agree, this article doesn’t do it justice. EVERYTHING in the game is unlockable without spending a dime. The developers were very clear about that.

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