All you need to know about the Best Data Recovery Software

Almost all the computer users have faced the issue of “lost data” once in their life. If you haven’t had an experience yet, consider yourself lucky. However, you need to be prepared for such an event from occurring as it can happen anytime. Your system may not show you the signs of physical memory dump or hard disk crash; it can happen anytime and catch you completely unaware. The experience of losing all the important data, that may include 5 years of research work, portfolio, important files, presentations, company data or some old memorable pictures, can be extremely frustrating.

The fear of data loss can be eliminated if you have a reliable data recovery software installed in your system. Before getting to know about the best data recovery software and how it can help to recover deleted files, let’s first have a look at the reasons that can lead to data loss.


The major reasons for data loss include:

  • Physical Damage: Exposure to light, mishandling, and high temperature are some of the issues which can lead to the damage in data storing layer. Physical damage to the hard drive requires the services of experts for the restoration of data.
  • Logical Damage: You may also experience data loss due to a malware attack or corrupt file system. A sudden power failure may also cause logical damage to your disk.
  • Accidental Removal of Data: Sometimes we end up deleting important files by mistake. This can lead to the frustrating experience of losing the important data.

The most common solution to tackle the data loss problem is to have a back up in place. However, another convenient way is to have a data recovery software installed in your system and keep your important data secured. You can find plenty of free data recovery software on the internet to recover deleted files. However, the best of the lot is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6. Not only it helps to recover deleted files from your desktop or personal computer, you can also retrieve all the important data efficiently, in quick time, from your removable devices with this handy software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6 is a free file recovery software but to enjoy its various special features you will need to upgrade it to pro version.

Let’s have a look at some of the exceptional features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6.

Search Capabilities

EaseUS data recovery software boasts of exceptional search capabilities. It will search for all the deleted files in your system and bring them on screen for you to select the ones that you want to retrieve.

Recovery Effectiveness

With EaseUS data recovery software, you can recover files of a different format which include document, graphics, videos, emails, audio, archives, exe. files etc.

Easy to Use

One of the exceptional features of this useful data recovery software is the easy interface. You don’t have to be an expert computer user to use this software. You can retrieve your data in the following three simple steps.

  • Step # 1: Run the software on the system.
  • Step # 2: Select the disk you want to scan.
  • Step # 3: Select the files you want to recover.

Multiple Device Support

Another reason behind the huge popularity of this software is the multiple device support. It can recover data from:

  • PC/Laptop
  • External Drive
  • Pen Drive
  • Music Player/Video Player
  • Digital Camera
  • Mobile Device
  • iPod
  • ZIP drive any much more.

If you want to save yourself from the frustrating situation of data loss, download this free data recovery software in your system now and keep your data protected.

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