No Man’s Sky Is Currently One Of The Most Played Games On Steam Thanks To The Atlas Update

No Man’s Sky latest update went live today, and it’s been very well received by players. It was well received enough that players have been returning back to the game. As you can see in below’s image, No Man’s Sky made it into the top 100 active games on Steam for today with 6100 players with that number increasing rapidly.


Just days prior to the update, No Man’s Sky failed to reach the top 100 by having less than 2200 players.


When the previous Pathfinder update went live, it didn’t do anything to help the numbers compared to today’s beefy update, as you can see below, No Man’s Sky failed to make the top 100.


It’s a good sign for No Man’s Sky as it looks like more players will keep on coming back thanks to the new update. You can also expect new players to be joining as well in those numbers as many people have been convinced to buy the game thanks to these updates which have almost made No Man’s Sky the game we all thought it would be last year.


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  1. No mans lies. This game is long gone and dead, stop trying to make it happen again cus it aint gonna work.

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