Tekken 7 Sales Figures Revealed; On Track To Meet Sales Expectations

Tekken 7’s sales figures have been revealed thanks to Namco Bandai’s first quarter results for fiscal 2017. The sales expectations for Tekken 7 are 2.1 million by the end of the year, and it looks like they are on track to meet that sales target as they have already sold 1.66 million copies of Tekken 7 so far.

It was revealed also that the 1.66 million copies of Tekken 7 sold mostly came from the United States and Europe with no other territories mentioned. Unless there’s a massive downswing in copies sold, Tekken 7 should most likely hit that target, but it could be close as other fighting games such as Street Fighter V had a strong start but quickly declined.

The next quarter results should show if Tekken 7 will meet that target or not, it’s possible that it could even hit that target by the next quarter results.


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  1. no thanks to pc peasants. should’ve been ps4 exclusive

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