No Man’s Sky Is Currently The Best Selling Game On Steam; Amazon PS4 Sales Up 6000%

It looks like No Man’s Sky has continued its second wind for another day, as it’s now the top selling game on Steam currently. Overtaking the beast which is Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds as well as the newly released and well received Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The latest update which has brought a new life to No Man’s Sky has really helped with the revival of the game to players, it also helped that it’s currently on sale too on Steam.


The Amazon listing for No Man’s Sky on PS4 also shows that there was a huge increase in sales after the latest update with a 6447% increase in sales which boosted the sales rank from 11,589 all the way up to 177 which is an incredible leap in sales rank.


Amazon US is currently selling No Man’s Sky for just $22 – Link

Amazon UK are currently selling No Man’s Sky for only £13 – Link

The updates are not ending with yesterday’s latest update, more updates are incoming and it looks like we are getting closer and closer to the game we had originally hoped for with No Man’s Sky.

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  1. That says a lot more about the (declining) quality of available games on Steam, than it does about NMS. As for the PS4 sales….well, it’s a dead period for console games in general, so no surpise. Most people will grab it just to check out the latest update….and then most of them will likely sell it soon after.

    • Your point about PS4 sales is just absolutely wrong. Consider that Elite: Dangerous just released on PS4 in the last 30 days (after a year-long exclusive contract for Xbone). No Man’s Sky is outselling that by a huge margin. As for steam, I mean, sure man. “All games are crap now, so No Man’s Sky’s popularity is irrelevant.” You criticism reeks of trying too hard to justify an deeply seated opinion. The real reason Steam sales are up so high is because of that 2-hr refund window. Most people will try it with most intending to attempt a refund.

    • the game is getting better. of course people will buy the game

    • “Dead period for console games” he says. Dude is so out of the loop it’s hilarious.

  2. I love this game. The lore is fantastic, and it’s the space exploration game I’ve always wanted PS4.

  3. The game is taking positive feedback now … Many new things, implemented multplayer and a more robust and immersive game.

    • Loving the updates. I’m actually having fun and really cherishing each planet I explore. When they add animal behaviour, more meaningful underwater and underground caves, and further improve the biome and landscape variety this game will be a serious winner. The game’s potential is limitless!

  4. TL:DR but I still call bullshit on this whole post the damage has been done. And it must be a slow news day if this is what you are going to report on.
    Why not talk about hellblade’s permadeath?

    • Because it’s been talked about by other outlets?… This is much more news that that is, seeing as it was known about days ago upon release.

  5. Im just waiting for mods to come like with bethesda

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